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Your journey to motherhood may be filled with unexpected struggles which may leave you feeling lost and needing to understand what you are going through. Discover healing techniques to support you in resolving pregnancy struggles, releasing blockages and restoring your self worth and confidence

Womb Healing for Fertility and Pregnancy

Are you struggling on your pregnancy journey? Have you started doubting yourself and losing confidence because it is much harder than you thought it would be? Are you feeling lost and just wish that your body would work and create the baby you so long for?

Womb healing is a wonderful energy healing technique which works to resolve trauma and blockages held deep within. Many of my clients experience a hugely healing transformation, allowing them to step forward, releasing trauma, reclaiming lost energy and restoring their true feminine flow of life.

Once you are standing empowered in your flow of life, amazing things happen!

Taking the bold steps to resolve and release blockages, allowing your transformation

Release struggles and trauma

Identify and release unresolved wounding and trauma which have created blockages on the physical and emotional level, causing you to struggle

Heal and reclaim your confidence

Your struggles have caused you to doubt yourself and cause low self-esteem. I guide you to reclaim your confidence by releasing subconscious blockages

Restore your feminine flow of life

Discover how good it feels to restore your natural flow of feminine energy once blocks are released and you stand empowered and energised

How It Works

Step 1: Book your healing

Learn more about womb healing for after fertility and pregnancy and how it can help you with your struggles. Visit the womb healing for fertility and pregnancy page to find out more and to book your session

Step 2: Save the date and time

Ensure you have the date and time saved in your calendar. Be sure to have a quiet and comfortable place for yourself where you can relax during our online session

Step 3: Release struggles and heal

Enjoy the feelings of restored energy and confidence after releasing trauma and struggle. Feel empowered as your self love and self worth shine through once more

I love supporting your transformation into empowered motherhood

You really matter and I love guiding you to heal your struggles because you deserve to feel confident and empowered

Thank you very much Vicki for the clarity and courage you helped me to achieve. I felt much more comfortable, relaxed and secure thanks to your help. I really enjoyed our sessions
Womb Healing
Vicki I really loved our exchanges! I thank you again! I feel very empowered and I'm standing in my truth and divine energy
Womb Healing
New York, USA
Vicki is an amazing healer and spiritual guide. She has guided me through several meditation techniques that have helped me further my spiritual journey. She has also helped uncover and heal hidden wounds as well as energetic ties and guided me through letting them go. I feel so much lighter and confident now
Womb Healing
Miami, USA

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