So sorry you are struggling

Feeling lost and disconnected as a new mother?

Your struggles through labour, birth and early days as a new mother may have come as a shock to you and you are feeling disconnected with yourself and your new baby. Discover healing techniques to support you in releasing your trauma, resolving blockages and restoring your self worth and confidence so that you can step forward feeling empowered as a new mother

Womb Healing for Postpartum

Are you struggling after an intense and traumatic birth experience? Do you find yourself engulfed in waves of anger and sadness when you think back over it? Are you feeling lost and disconnected with yourself and your new baby?

Many women go through a period of “baby blues” shortly after giving birth as hormone levels change.  Womb healing is a wonderful energy healing technique which works to resolve trauma and restore your feminine energy after your intense experience of giving birth. Womb healing after birth is practised in many traditional cultures and has unfortunately been forgotten about in western society.

My clients experience a hugely healing transformation, allowing them to release trauma, reclaim lost energy and restore their feelings of wholeness and self-identity so that they feel empowered as a new mother

Healing which will support you to connect and bond

Release trauma and negative feelings

Supporting you to acknowledge overwhelming emotions surrounding your birth experience and releasing them in a safe space using energy healing techniques

Heal your birth experience

I guide you to heal your trauma and negative emotions surrounding your birth experience and role as a new mother so that your feminine energy is reclaimed and restored

Restore wholeness and self-identity

Healing the space created in your womb after birth and reclaiming your self-identity. Guiding you to reconnect with yourself so that you feel free to bond and fall in love with your baby

How It Works

Step 1: Book your healing

Learn more about womb healing for after giving birth and how it can help you with your struggles. Visit the womb healing for postpartum page to find out more and to book your session

Step 2: Save the date and time

Ensure you have the date and time saved in your calendar. Be sure to have a quiet and comfortable place for yourself where you can relax during our online session

Step 3: Release struggles and heal

Enjoy the feelings of restored energy and confidence after releasing trauma and struggle. Feel empowered as your self love and self worth shine through once more

I love supporting your transformation into empowered motherhood

You really matter and I love guiding you to heal your struggles because you deserve to feel confident and empowered

Thank you very much Vicki for the clarity and courage you helped me to achieve. I felt much more comfortable, relaxed and secure thanks to your help. I really enjoyed our sessions
Womb Healing
Just wanted to say thank you for everything that you do and all of your videos on YouTube. When I had my first boy I was pretty clueless about it all. Now I know I will have a better experience. So once again - thank you!!
Womb Healing
London, UK
Vicki really understood me. I got my confidence back and learnt great techniques which still give me strength every day
Womb Healing
Oxford, UK

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