Organs – internal movement

What Happens to Your Insides After Giving Birth

Making room for a baby, including a placenta and amniotic fluid, means that your internal organs will get gradually pushed and squashed around.

What’s more, the increase in lung capacity from above (see being short of breath), means you are being pushed from above and below.

The following animation from The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, demonstrates the movement of organs during pregnancy.


What Does Organ Movement Feel Like After Giving Birth?

During pregnancy, this movement of the organs happens slowly and gradually. However, immediately after birth, there is suddenly space for the internal organs to drop back into again. It can be a strange sensation at first, although many mothers will not even notice it because they are so busy with their new baby.

  • Make sure you rest directly after the birth
  • When standing up for the first time, move slowly and gently
  • Before starting exercising, make sure you your body has recovered sufficiently from the birth – consult your midwife or doctor

Remember that your body has undergone huge changes. Go easy on yourself and take your time.