Back Pain Postpartum

Back Pain After Giving Birth

Are you suffering from a sore back?

Do you have persistent pains in your back?

Perhaps when you first get out of bed in the morning or when you go from sitting to standing? Or perhaps when you are carrying baby?

Do you feel like you need to stretch or crack something back into place again? Or a sore, digging feeling around your hip area?

Back pain after giving birth

Back pain could occur postpartum due to many factors:

  • Changed centre of gravity, as joints and ligaments return to their pre-pregnancy positions
  • Prolonged sitting whilst breastfeeding
  • Carrying baby – not having enough or the right support could cause bones and ligaments to move out of place
  • Trapped sciatic nerve
  • Ensure good posture is maintained – notice how you are sitting or standing. Make a conscious decision about maintaining your posture and make it into a good habit
  • Wear appropriate shoes – shoes need to support your feet properly and your body weight
  • Support yourself well whilst breastfeeding – during breastfeeding you may be sitting down for long periods of time.
    • Make sure you have a good chair to sit in.
    • Support yourself with cushions.
    • Invest in a breastfeeding pillow – to support yourself and baby
  • If you are carrying your baby a lot – invest in baby wearing which is appropriate for your size and shape. Ensure it supports you well and baby is happy at the same time
  • Follow a postpartum bodily rehabilitational course – build up your strength and muscles
  • Consult a chiropractor or osteopath for expert advice
  • Never leave any back pains for too long, the earlier they get seen to, the better