Having a baby means you are going to be prodded and poked a few times in your most personal places. During pregnancy, you may experience spots filled with pus or boils around your vagina. It does happen and it is something we shouldn’t shame from.

You may wonder if your vagina will ever be the same after birth, when you think about the stretching it is about to go through. Your vagina may tear during the birth or be cut if an episiotomy is performed.

Make sure know how to train your pelvic floor muscles up again. Your vagina may change a little if you have had Stitches, but nothing dramatic.

Vaginal Tears

The vagina could tear during birth. Either baby’s head is large or your vagina does not stretch wide enough as baby comes out.

There are varying degrees to the type of tear that can occur; from small tears within the skin of the vagina, tears in the perineal skin through to deep tears from the vaginal to the rectum.

Tears will be stitched up after birth – see Stitches for reading how to cope with stitches.

  • Use perineal oils to massage the perineal area during pregnancy to make it more supple for the birth

Pus spots and boils

These need to be talked about as well!

Boils could appear around your vagina, in between your legs or under your armpits. You may feel a lump or may feel something painful.

Generally, boils are caused by in-grown hair which cause the hair follicle to swell and fill up with pus. Wearing tight clothing could also cause boils to appear.

  • Popping a boil could cause the symptoms to spread. It is advisable to apply a warm compress to the area several times a day in order to reduce the symptoms.
  • If the symptoms persist then consult a doctor who will know how to deal with it properly. The last thing you want is to cause an infection down there…even if it is embarrassing.