Bonding With Your Newborn Baby

Bonding with baby is such an important topic, very close to my heart (read my Story). It is the special attachment between mother and baby, and father and baby.

It starts when baby is growing in the womb and continues every single day postpartum. For some it happens naturally and there is an immediately connection. For others it can be a longer and slower process.

Until my eldest son was five, I noticed the difference in the relationship I had between my first and second child. I loved both just as much as the other, however I noticed a difference in the closeness we shared. I put down to the birthing experience and our early days together. My assumption turned out to be correct as I turned to my healing work to work on my bond with my eldest. 

Bonding with your newborn

Healing my own birth experience using Womb Healing techniques. Healing my son’s birth experience using energetic healing. Both healings were hugely transformational for us both and allowed our loving bond to grow so much. It was like an invisible barrier had been lifted. The trauma we both experienced during his birth had created such an energetic blockage around us that we were both invisibly pushing each other away. Once I dug back into my own healing techniques and used them for both of us, we were able to clear the blockages. Now he has no hesitation about coming to me for cuddles, which is truly wonderful. 

My husband noticed a difference with his bond with each child too. With our first child, he was able to spend three months at home when our son was seven months old. Until we healed our bond, our first son preferred his dad to comfort him if he had hurt himself or was upset about something.

With our second son, my husband was away at work during the week, every week. Our second son only wanted his mum to look after him and to comfort him and could be very extreme about this. If I was around of course. If I was not around then dad was “ok”! As soon as I was around, then no one else was allowed.

Recommendations for Bonding With Your Newborn

  • Immediate skin contact and bonding after birth is very important for baby and mother. In cases where it is not possible for the mother to have skin contact, the father can do this.
  • Breastfeeding at the first opportunity
  • Staring into baby’s eyes
  • Singing and talking to baby
  • “Wearing” and carrying baby to build closeness
  • A Womb Healing for the mother as soon as possible after giving birth