Are you Having Problems with Breastfeeding? Are you Suffering from Mastitis?


Look out for sure signs of Mastitis: breasts which are red, swollen, lumpy, showing signs of bruising or even feeling like they are burning. You may feel tired and run down with a slight fever.

Mastitis is an inflammation of the breast tissue or even an infection.

Mastitis problems

What Causes Mastitis?

  • The most common cause of Mastitis is when milk get trapped in the breasts, within the milk ducts or from bacteria entering the breast – via cracked nipples or baby’s mouth.
  • When the milk inside the breast is not completely emptied out, then it could stagnate and become the perfect opportunity for bacteria to multiply.
  • It is important to make sure that baby empties your breast fully. Not only to prevent the build up of bacteria, but also to provide baby with a full feed.
  • Try out different feeding positions, even if they feel uncomfortable or unusual at first, it only needs a little bit of practice.
  • Check your breasts all around whilst feeding to make sure all milk ducts have emptied. Once your breastfeeding has slightly regulated, after your milk “comes in”, you will be able to feel where the milk ducts are. Learn to position baby in order to empty out these milk ducts fully. It is usually easy to feel where pockets are still full compared to pockets which are emptied. The emptier pockets will feel softer.
  • Ensure baby gets a full feed by changing her feeding position. Some positions don’t come naturally but they are worth it.
  • Often the milk ducts towards the back of the breast and under the arm are the trickiest to empty. Try the rugby hold, where baby’s legs tuck under the arm on the side of the breast she is feeding from. This helps to suck the milk out from the side milk ducts.
  • I recommend all mothers to get professional breastfeeding advice and training.