Itchy Armpits

Are You Experiencing Itchy Armpits Whilst Breastfeeding?

Do your armpits start to itch whilst you are breastfeeding?

I often experienced itchy armpits during breastfeeding. It was hard to itch them whilst baby was feeding:

  • I didn’t want to disturb him
  • I often practiced the rugby hold which meant he was already lying tucked under my arm
  • I couldn’t reach to scratch
  • I was out in public and didn’t want to start itching away inelegantly.

Why Breastfeeding Makes Your Armpits Itch

My Explanation for Itchy Armpits Whilst Breastfeeding

Upon researching itchy armpits, I found several posts from women saying that they were also experiencing the same sensations, but no medical explanations. I have therefore made my own explanation:

I personally put it down to the production of milk and the functioning of the milk glands located near the armpits. As the milk supply is drawn out by baby, it needs to be replaced which was making me feel itchy under my arms. The itchiness mostly happened during and shortly after breastfeeding.


How to Ease the Itchiness During Breastfeeding

  • Wear clothes with a looser fit under your arms
  • Massage the area around the back of your breasts and under your arms to help support the flow
  • Speak with Oh My Mama Body Midwife for some great advice about massage oils for supporting milk production. Arrange your free call by following this link.

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