Shamanic Womb Healing

shamanic womb healing

Shamanic Womb Healing is an all-natural, long-forgotten, and the most effective healing technique for a woman’s reproductive and mental health. It is an ancient shamanic healing technique that dates 7,000 years back. It adopts a holistic approach to healing any problem that stems from negative blockages in your womb.

Shamanism has been around for more than 40 thousand years now. Although it is one of the most ancient forms of healing out there, it still resonates with everything modern science has to say. It is truly amazing to see western medicine and science still uncovering a lot about the human mind and body that were somehow already known to us in the past. 

Why Shamanic Womb Healing?

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Your womb is so much more than just a reproductive organ. It is constantly working on providing the best environment and health for your fertility. Because of this, your womb depends on a complex symphony of communication and actions with your brain and your heart like your periodic cycle, the release of hormones, and changes in moods and emotions. This communication is the flow of energy.

When this flow of energy or the communication between your heart, brain, and womb is blocked or interrupted. It results in symptoms like hormonal imbalance, irregular cycles, unstable mental health, and problems like PCOS, ovarian cysts, miscarriages, infertility and so much more.

It is only when we look deep within our problems and diseases, that we realize we have blockages in our womb space and our flow of energy is disconnected. That is why Shamanic Womb Healing focuses on diving deep within yourself and looking through your physical problems to get to the root cause of them. Shamanic Womb Healing helps you revive your broken fertility flow and release the blocked energy around your womb space.

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How Does Shamanic Womb Healing Work?

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Shamanic Womb healing is the oldest form of healing in the world. It is an energy healing technique that works with energies in your body. Did you know that even while resting, the human body has enough energy to light up a light bulb? Our organs mainly our wombs hold onto so many energies, especially the negative ones which are really heavy. Our womb is this sacred part of our body, an amazing place of creativity and life. It is our second heart and any emotion or feeling the heart cannot process gets stored in our womb.

Our womb is this storehouse of energy. It holds on to so much of our unprocessed stress, past traumas, and emotions. Which go on to create energy blockages in our womb space and result in physical symptoms like PCOS, ovarian cysts, infertility, miscarriage, and so many other diseases.

So instead of dealing with just the physical symptoms, we have to understand the root cause behind it: the energy blockages in our womb. With Shamanic Womb Healing unlike traditional western medicine, you will be able to address the root cause behind your problems instead of just the physical symptoms. You will be able to connect and communicate with your womb and discover and understand the energetic blockages behind your PCOS, ovarian cysts, infertility, miscarriages, etc. You will be able to go deep into the blockages, understand the energy behind them and release them.

The Results

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Your womb is your feminine center and when you release all the heavy energies of the past and heal your womb space, you feel rejuvenated and reconnected to your divine femininity.

When you release those blockages in your wombs, you’re letting go of all the negative energies that have been holding you back subconsciously. You might not even be aware of those blockages in your womb until you connect with your womb space and start noticing them.

When you start to release these blockages and heal your womb space, you will start flowing again, feeling rejuvenated, confident, and alive. The most important thing is that your problems and diseases like infertility, PCOS, miscarriage, ovarian cysts, etc. will gradually start to heal themselves and your fertility will be flowing like never before. You will start to wake up every single day feeling confident, energized, mentally clear, and really good about yourself. This is because you have just removed the energetic block stagnating your flow.

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