Connect to your womb energy, revive your fertile flow

Struggling with fertility and blockages in your womb? I invite you to discover my unique, proven womb healing techniques. Transform energy blockages causing physical distress in your womb and get back your quality of life 

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✓ Discover and Release Blockages
✓ Naturally Heal Struggles and Trauma
✓ Revive Your Feminine Flow

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Who I Help

  • You’re struggling with fertility challenges
  • You’ve been through trauma and pain
  • You have been through the pain of loss
  • You feel fearful due to your fertility struggles
  • You are ready to transform your struggles and revive your natural feminine flow
  • You are curious to learn about holistic healing to naturally release fertility blocks

Discover unique womb healing techniques to help you reconnect with your feminine flow

I love supporting you to release struggles, discover and connect with your feminine flow so that you transform into positivity

You really matter. I love guiding you to discover what is blocking you inside so that you can release your struggles and step into your true feminine flow. Step into lightness and joy that you truly deserve to be feeling each and every day

About Oh My Mama Body

Hi, I’m Vicki. I’m all about compassion, love and understanding for you. It is my mission to guide women worldwide to connect with their true feminine flow, the energy of their womb. I support you to understand your body, release your struggles and blockages so that you become your most fertile self.

My experience of recurrent miscarriage completely changed my life. As a certified Master of Energy Healer and Shamanic Healer, I fully stepped into my gift of guiding others with healing techniques. I love supporting others to release trauma and pain to restore their energy flow so that they find positive self-love and empowerment. Read more…

Shamanic Womb Healing Vicki Renz

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