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I have transformed my own life, healing from cysts and fertility struggles and NOW it’s YOUR time to heal. Learn how to connect deeply with the energies in your womb and get back your life force

One to one womb awakening

Womb Vitality One to One

Unlock your most fertile self. Understand the energies in your womb and the root cause behind what’s blocking you. Learn how to heal, release and awaken to the freedom of liberating yourself and being all that you can be.

Are you ready to feel the freedom of loving yourself, loving your body and the divine woman that you are?

Apply to heal with me by following the link below:

Wommb Tribe Your Sisterhood

This is your supportive group to feel motivation, self belief and experience transformation womb healing techniques.

Surround yourself with others who truly understand you

Perfect if you like to heal at your own pace with the option of group healing:

  • Weekly embodied journaling – learn the key to connecting with your inner feminine to shift blocks through journaling. Work through challenges, feel self love and heal
  • Breath work exercises to release stress, overwhelm and create much needed confidence and clarity
  • New Moon Group Womb Healing to release the stresses of the previous cycle, cleansing our womb energy and bringing our intentions into our energy flow for the new phase 
  • My Tribe is available on an easy to use, state of the art App 
Wommb Tribe Your Sisterhood

Womb Vitality Self Study

One to one womb awakening

Ready to Step Up Your Womb Healing Progress and Achieve Positively Transformational Shifts?

Fit womb healing into your busy schedule so that you can revive and unblock your womb, even during meetings and whilst you sleep.

My Womb Vitality Self Study modules are hosted in a state of the art App with sub-titles and text with each video to perfectly match your learning style.

Achieve transformative energetic shifts with clear guidance from me personally.

Access time optimized daily techniques to keep your healing momentum at a high and so much more!


My Latest Books

I understand you, your healing truly matters, my books support and guide you on your beautiful womb healing journey

I had three miscarriages in total. It was devastating. I liked the sound of Vicki, she had been through miscarriage herself and felt so much easier to talk to than anyone else I had tried. She really understood me and for the first time I tried deep healing. I experienced such profound shifts and was able to feel like my old self again. I got my confidence back and learnt some great techniques which still give me strength every day.

Alexia Germany

I'm really enjoying the sessions and finding it a beautiful opportunity to connect on a deeper level with myself and I am having some releases. I am finding what makes me feel alive and have started playing my flute again and I'm now contacting bands so I can get back into singing. I just feel so much better!

Shona Italy

I have been feeling really amazing since we work together and I do practice every day. And all this seems to gain traction in real life!!! I have a lot of friends who show up, I have energy to work out and socialize again. Your program is bringing me the changes and results I was searching for a long time

Maria USA

I had such a beautiful time! I felt so connected with myself, with my womb and with everyone in the group. I was just completely immersed in the feeling of sharing my energy and being together with other women. I had the sense of being emotionally cleansed, relaxed and revitalised, feeling lighter and happier!

Iris Spain