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Struggling to conceive or facing blockages such as ovarian cysts? I have transformed my life, healing from cysts and fertility struggles.

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Struggling to get pregnant or facing physical blockages such as ovarian cysts?

Ready to experience transformational Womb Healing and would like to book in a one hour Session with Vicki? Click the button below to start.

Sessions take place via remote healing, online (from the comfort of your own home)

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One to one womb awakening

Womb Vitality One to One

Struggling to get pregnant or facing physical blockages such as ovarian cysts? Work with Vicki intensively to release the root causes holding you back. Take charge of your fertility journey with Vicki’s transformative healing methods.

Who is this for:

Are you struggling to conceive? Whether you’re seeking natural conception or support for your IVF journey, my womb healing techniques bring joyful results.

Are you struggling with physical blockages like ovarian cysts? I help you uncover the root causes and guide you through the process of shrinking and releasing them. Experience the joy of liberation when you go for a scan and witness the absence of those once-present cysts!

Embark on this empowering journey with me! Let’s chat about where you are at and see how we can work together on deeply personalised healing to release your blockages.

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Womb Vitality VIP

Struggling to conceive or facing physical blockages such as ovarian cysts?

Who is this for:

You lead a busy life and prefer to take a faster deep-dive. Or you are feeling nervous as it’s last minute and you really want to be sure that your womb is prepared? 

Why Choose My VIP Package?

  • Fast-track your healing process (perhaps you are about to go for an IVF transfer or you have a surgery for cysts coming up and you would love to have your womb prepared energetically)
  • Deeply transformational steps towards holistic well-being
  • Sessions can be held within the space of one week (depending on my schedule!)

What’s Included:

  1. Three 90-Minute Intensive Sessions
  2. Deep Connection with Your Womb Energies
  3. Identification and Healing of Main Blockages
  4. Personalized Steps and Loving Support to Ignite Your Healing Journey

Your transformative experience begins here! Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Follow the link below to book. Your radiant and harmonious womb awaits!

PS: if you are not sure, apply for a Healing Application Call above

Wommb Tribe Your Sisterhood

Womb Vitality Self Study

One to one womb awakening

Elevate Your Womb Healing Journey for Lasting Transformation!

Integrate womb healing seamlessly into your busy routine, allowing you to rejuvenate and unblock your womb effortlessly—even during meetings and while you sleep.

Explore my Womb Vitality Self Study modules on a cutting-edge app, featuring subtitles and text alongside each video to cater to your unique learning style.

Experience profound energetic transformations with personalized guidance directly from me.

Unlock daily, time-optimized techniques to maintain a high healing momentum and discover much more on your path to holistic well-being!


Wommb Tribe Your Haven

Welcome to your space – designed to nurture your motivation, foster self-belief, and guide you through transformative womb healing techniques.

Immerse yourself in a supportive community that truly comprehends your journey.

Ideal for those seeking to heal at their own pace, with the added option of collective healing:

  • Engage in weekly embodied journaling sessions: unlock the key to connecting with your inner feminine, dismantle obstacles through journaling, and navigate challenges to embrace self-love and healing.
  • Explore breathwork exercises: liberate yourself from stress and overwhelm, fostering confidence and clarity.
  • Participate in our New Moon Group Womb Healing sessions: release the burdens of the previous cycle, purify your womb energy, and seamlessly integrate your intentions into the upcoming phase.

My Tribe is easily accessible through a user-friendly, state-of-the-art app, providing a seamless and enriching experience. Join us on this transformative journey toward self-discovery and empowerment.

Wommb Tribe Your Sisterhood

My Latest Books

I understand you, your healing truly matters, my books support and guide you on your beautiful womb healing journey

I had three miscarriages in total. It was devastating. I liked the sound of Vicki, she had been through miscarriage herself and felt so much easier to talk to than anyone else I had tried. She really understood me and for the first time I tried deep healing. I experienced such profound shifts and was able to feel like my old self again. I got my confidence back and learnt some great techniques which still give me strength every day.

Alexia Germany

I'm really enjoying the sessions and finding it a beautiful opportunity to connect on a deeper level with myself and I am having some releases. I am finding what makes me feel alive and have started playing my flute again and I'm now contacting bands so I can get back into singing. I just feel so much better!

Shona Italy

I have been feeling really amazing since we work together and I do practice every day. And all this seems to gain traction in real life!!! I have a lot of friends who show up, I have energy to work out and socialize again. Your program is bringing me the changes and results I was searching for a long time

Maria USA

I had such a beautiful time! I felt so connected with myself, with my womb and with everyone in the group. I was just completely immersed in the feeling of sharing my energy and being together with other women. I had the sense of being emotionally cleansed, relaxed and revitalised, feeling lighter and happier!

Iris Spain