How to Combat Constant Tiredness as a New Mother

A new mother is often very tired. A full, undisturbed, 8 hour sleep is more than likely every mum’s dream!

Changing hormones and a hungry baby will most likely leave you feeling tired and worn out. Not only are you tired, you have the added responsibility of looking after someone else during the day as well.

Tiredness and fatigue will take some adjusting to and you may find yourself walking around in what feels like fog. Being tired slows down your reactions and ability to think straight.

Some days you will feel like all you are doing is feeding baby, changing baby, eating something and then repeating the cycle. It is important to keep your mind occupied and positive during these days.

Tiredness and Patience as a New Mother

My second child cried a lot and I could hardly put him down. The easiest way to comfort him was to keep him wrapped up on my chest.

Those first few months were very long and tiring, especially as I was looking after my two year old at the same time and my husband worked away from home during the week. My boy just never seemed to stop crying. The first two weeks were magical, he was such an easy baby, but all of a sudden things changed. He cried in his buggy, in his car seat, in the queue at the post office, whilst being dipped in the bath, in his baby bouncer whilst I looked after his brother…Most evenings he would cry nonstop for hours on end until he finally caved in to sleep shortly after midnight.

I think it was at this point in my life that I learned how important it is to be patient, very patient!

Recommendations For Easing Tiredness

  • Sleep when you can. Allow yourself a short nap, even if there are chores to be done. Your sleep and sanity are more important.
  • Make sure you also make time for yourself.
  • Ask others to help out if you need some quiet time.
  • Don’t feel like you are on your own. Reach out and talk to other mamas.
  • Make yourself a playlist full of happy, motivational music to keep you upbeat. Many mothers may feel alone in the first days and weeks of being busy feeding and changing baby so it is important to keep a healthy mindset.