When can you expect to menstruate after giving birth? It really varies from woman to woman, there is no specific timescale. Generally it takes longer for a breastfeeding mother to menstruate after birth, due to the breastfeeding hormones suppressing the reproductive hormones.

The hormones present in your body during pregnancy have to settle down again after all the changes. Again this process varies from woman to woman.

In general, if you are not breastfeeding, your periods will return relatively soon after childbirth. You can expect them to return from between one and three months postpartum.


If you are solely breastfeeding, your period may take up to 6 months, a year or longer to return. If you are combining breastfeeding with formula, then your periods may start sooner than 6 months.

It really depends on when you start to wean baby. Your reproductive hormones will start kicking in again once the hormones required for milk production reduce. It is the natural way for the body to say that once again it is ready to produce babies.

Does it mean you don’t need to use contraception if you are not menstruating? Breastfeeding can provide a natural birth control, it is highly advisable to read into – see Milk as Contraception.