When Can I Expect My First Period After Pregnancy?

When can you expect to menstruate after your pregnancy? It really varies from woman to woman, there is no specific timescale.

If a mother is producing milk and breastfeeding fully, it takes longer for a breastfeeding mother to menstruate after birth. Breastfeeding hormones suppress the reproductive hormones which prevents ovulation from happening. 

The hormones present in your body during pregnancy have to settle down again after all the changes. Again this process varies from woman to woman and varies depending on the length of your pregnancy.

In general, if you are not breastfeeding, your periods will return relatively soon after childbirth. You can expect them to return from between one and three months postpartum.

If you are solely breastfeeding, your period may take up to 6 months, a year or longer to return. If you are combining breastfeeding with formula, then your periods may start sooner than 6 months.

First period after pregnancy

What to Expect During Your First Period After Pregnancy

Many women report that their first period after pregnancy is particularly painful. Perhaps our bodies are more sensitive after pregnancy and we therefore feel the hormonal changes more. 

After pregnancy loss, I noticed that my breasts were very tender starting straight after ovulation got increasingly tender in the two weeks leading up to my period. 

Perhaps hormonal changes are more defined after pregnancy because we are more in tune with our body? 

Your first period after pregnancy can every emotional. One the one side, it is a sign that our body is ready to conceive once more, on the other side, it is a reminder that we are no longer carrying our baby. This is true for both mothers to earthside and to angel babies.

There are many wonderful natural remedies which you can use to support your body and emotions through your menstrual cycles. 

Natural Remedies for Your First Period After Pregnancy and Coping With PMS

Support your body and emotional well-being with quality essential oil supplements. Since I discovered essential oils, I use them to support myself and my family every day. 

  • Only use certified 100% organic essential oils because they are used directly on your skin and you need to be sure they are toxin free
  • I use the Young Living brand as they have certified farms and production processes
  • Support the beginning of your cycle with multivitamins and natural progesterone
  • Support post ovulation weeks with uplifting scents such as lavender, rose and lemon
  • Get throught the days of period pain and PMS with the support of Clary Sage, En-R-Gee and Dragon Time
  • Oils can be rubbed on your belly and breasts, wrists, behind the ears and soles of your feet
  • Get your completely free supporting eBooklets and video series for more supportive information

When To Expect Your First Period When You Are Breastfeeding

It really depends on when you start to wean baby. Your reproductive hormones will start kicking in again once the hormones required for milk production reduce. It is the natural way for the body to say that once again it is ready to produce babies.

Does it mean you don’t need to use contraception if you are not menstruating? Breastfeeding can provide a natural birth control, it is highly advisable to read into – see Milk as Contraception.