Feet Postpartum

Sore Feet Postpartum?

I had the urge to massage my sore feet for the first weeks after birth. They felt so achy and itchy. The only way to relieve my feet was to give them a good rub. Sometimes, when standing up, I felt like the small bones in my feet were clicking. The medical term for these feelings is Plantar Fascitis.

Why Do Your Feet Hurt After Giving Birth?

Changes in weight distribution postpartum impact the feet

  • Feet need to adapt to your new posture again
  • Changes to weight distribution cause the bones, joints and ligaments to ache as they readjust and learn to support your body according to its needs.

Flat Feet After Giving Birth

  • The extra weight exertion during pregnancy could cause the arch of the foot to lower or collapse.
  • Flat feet could make walking quite painful because the tissue between the heel and front of the foot gets inflamed.
  • A further result of flat feet is that your feet are longer than before pregnancy, due to the lowering of the foot arch.

Recommendations for Caring for Your Feet Postpartum

  • Look after your feet and wear comfortable, supporting shoes.
  • Keep mobile and stretch your legs and feet often.
  • Consult your chiropractor or oesteopath for appropriate rehabilitation treatment and exercises.