Needing To Go For A Poo During Labour

Firstly, you may poo during the birth. Yes, let’s get it talked about. Even if you have gone to the toilet early on in the birth process – your body will probably make you go automatically – somehow there is always some poo left over.

During the bearing down pains, you simply have the urge to push downwards, which could also mean back and out.

Pushing out poo during bearing down is a sign that you are pushing down in the wrong area. Concentrate and focus on pushing down through the vagina instead.

Your First Poo After a Vaginal Birth

The first poo after birth is a very delicate matter. It really is quite difficult.

After a vaginal birth, your muscles are very stretched and weak, so having a poo feels impossible. You can hardly feel what your muscles are doing and you could end up over straining.

Try your best to make gravity do its work, in this way you won’t need to exert too much pressure (really watch out because could cause hemorrhoids).

Your First Poo After a C-Section

Following a birth via c-section, you may have difficulties going for a poo because the incision has cut through your abdominal muscles.

Many women report having lack of or slow bowel movements following a c-section which means waiting too long to go to the toilet could result in an even more painful visit

Recommendations for Your First Visit to the Toilet After Giving Birth

  • It may not sound ladylike I know, but going to the toilet the traditional French way is a big help…really let gravity do the work. It is the most natural position to have a poo standing up – wait until your child is wearing nappies and can stand up – they prefer to stand. There is a good reason why toilets used to be built for doing your business standing up!
  • Although after birth you may be very excited about eating all the foods that were off limits during pregnancy. It is wise to eat a lot of fruits and high fibre foods until your pelvic floor or abdominal muscles have tightened up again. Be sure to eat prunes and other fruits to help the process.
  • Do your pelvic floor rehabilitation muscle training as soon as you are able to after birth. You should be able to start with small muscle squeezes almost straightaway.

Check with your midwife or doctor when you should start with any more strenuous exercising.