Fluttering Sensation In Your Lower Abdomen – An Early Sign of Pregnancy?

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Are you experiencing a bubbling or a fluttering sensation in your lower abdomen? Has this feeling got you wondering if this could be an early sign of pregnancy?

You just had sex and it’s still way too early for any kind of pregnancy test to show positive or even for implantation to happen. You know this, but you still can’t deny this fluttering sensation in your lower abdomen and your intuition that it’s an early sign of pregnancy.

But there is a way to tune into your body and know if you are pregnant before a positive pregnancy test. 

Fluttering Sensation In Your Lower Abdomen - What Does It Mean?

fluttering in your lower abdomen

The fluttering sensation in your lower abdomen can very likely be caused by the changes in your body as it prepares for pregnancy. The changes can be attributed to hormonal fluctuations, increased blood flow to your reproductive organs, and changes in your uterine lining.

However, it is also very important to note that this fluttering sensation in the lower abdomen is not unique to a pregnancy and can also be caused by various other factors.

· Digestive Issues: A fluttering sensation in your lower abdomen could also be a sign of digestive issues such as gas, bloating, or constipation.

· Ovulation: If you are ovulating, you may feel the same fluttering sensation in your lower abdomen as the follicle containing the egg starts to burst.

· Muscle Spasms: Sometimes, a very minor muscle spasm within your intestines or uterus might also cause a fluttering sensation in your lower abdomen. 


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Is The Fluttering Sensation An Early Sign Of Pregnancy?

fluttering in your lower abdomen and pregnancy

Yes, the fluttering sensation in your lower abdomen can very well be an early sign of pregnancy, but it’s not a definitive one. Every woman’s experience of pregnancy is unique, and some may not even experience this sensation at all.

However, I have had seven pregnancies until now and I felt the fluttering sensation in my lower abdomen with six of my pregnancies. And along with me, around 1 in every 50 women who contact me at Oh My Mama Body also say that they have experienced the same fluttering in their lower abdomen before their period is due.

Women who notice this fluttering feeling also say they are feeling adrenaline rushes. Have you noticed that as well? The fluttery feeling itself can be compared to butterflies in your stomach (except lower down). A very light, almost bubbly sensation. Women who go on to find out that they are pregnant say that the fluttering feeling happened at least around a week before their period was due. That’s days before any pregnancy test can tell you if you are pregnant!

Connecting With Your Body & Understanding The Signs Of Pregnancy

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