Having to go to the Toilet Every Five Minutes During Pregnancy?

Do you feel like you need to pee almost every five minutes during pregnancy? Or sometimes maybe some pee escapes by accident?

More than likely you will find yourself needing to run to the toilet more than usual during pregnancy, especially the bigger you get. Sometimes it will seem like you only just emptied your bladder and you need to go again! Like a non-stop tap that just can’t be turned off.

You will find yourself trying to weigh up between satisfying a dry mouth (see Thirst in pregnancy) and the need to pee every fifteen minutes.

Pregnancy Incontinence

Why Does Pregnancy Make You Feel Like You Need to Pee all the Time?

  • The muscles in your pelvic floor become weakened due to the extra weight being put on them.
  • The increase in the hormone Relaxin causes your muscles to be looser than usual which means it could be easier for some fluid to accidentally escape.
  • Your bladder is being squashed by baby so there is less room for urine to be stored.
  • Due to the increase in blood volume, by up to 50% during pregnancy, your body has a higher requirement for water in order to support the blood. Water is needed to clean blood and therefore more urine is produced during pregnancy.
  • Strengthening exercises for your muscles around your pelvic area to improve any incontinence. Work on your pelvic floor muscles to keep them nice and tight. This is also important for helping you recover quicker postpartum.
  • Always keep light flow sanitary pads in your handbag.
  • Alternatively you could get yourself some menstruation or period pants which are super absorbent and provide extra protection, without having to use sanitary pads. Menstruation pants are great because they are reusable and can be still be used postpartum.