Changes to Your Bones During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your bones get softer and looser, especially in the pelvic area, to make the birth easier.

This loosening of the bones may cause a few tweaks and pains some days. It will vary depending on things like weight gain, posture and the level of the Relaxin hormone in your body.

A lot of women notice the tweaks and pains in the pelvic area. Especially after sitting for a some time and then standing up again. The pelvic area loosens and widens naturally during pregnancy, to allow room for the baby’s head to pass through at birth.

If the pubic bone area does get too painful then consult your doctor. You could be recommended to wear a support belt. The loosening of your bones and ligaments may lead to other problems, like nerves getting trapped – see Sciatica.


Changes to bones during pregnancy

Why Do Bones Get Looser During Pregnancy?

  • The softening and loosening of the bones is caused by the increase in the hormone Relaxin.
  • Like the name implies, this hormone relaxes the joints and muscles. The muscles and ligaments holding the bones in a pregnant woman’s body together are gradually relaxed in order to make the birth easier.

Pregnancy Could Change Your Bone Mass

If the mother does not have a high enough intake of calcium during pregnancy, then her baby may get provided for by the body. The body will start to draw the necessary calcium it needs directly from the mother’s bones.

However, the body is cleverly designed because increased need for calcium is counterbalanced by the increase in the hormone estrogen. Estrogen serves to protect the bones during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the body has increased levels of estrogen.

Recommendations for Taking Care of Your Bones During Pregnancy

  • Ensure that your calcium intake is at an appropriate level
  • Eat foods loaded with calcium
  • Take pregnancy supplements to keep your levels at the recommended amount