Anger rage

Angry Feelings During Pregnancy

Feeling really angry or stressed out during pregnancy?

Have you found yourself feeling angry during pregnancy? Emotions during pregnancy can take you by surprise.

I would find myself getting angry or stressed out over small things and at the audacity of other people. Such irrrational and uncontrollable feelings of anger used to come over me.

Is it normal to feel angry during pregnancy?

Typical pregnancy emotions such as being weepy are well known. I never thought that being angry during pregnancy was a common symptom, until I stumbled across the terms “pregnancy rage” and “prenatal anger”.

Is it normal to feel angry during pregnancy? Talk to other pregnant friends, search it on social media and you will soon realise you are not alone. Pregnancy emotions can start as early as pregnancy week 5 and could continue through to your third trimester.

Pregnancy Rage

Dealing with anger during pregnancy

Managing anger was sometimes hard for me. I remember being on a short flight and we were right in the middle of the plane. So by the time the refreshments trolley arrived they had run out of lemonade… which is what I was so looking forward to. Can you imagine? I was feeling so angry that they didn’t think to serve the pregnant lady first. I wanted to shout at them for being so inconsiderate.

Of course I didn’t do that in reality. (I was in pregnancy week 13 so how would they have known anyway). Instead I turned away and cried, hiding my face so nobody would see my emotions.

Managing my anger was the only thing I could think about during the rest of the flight. I was completely overcome with this pregnancy emotion. The effect of hormone changes on me lead to huge mood swings! How I wish I’d have had a short course like the free Self-Worth and Wellness course at that time. It would have helped me so much! 

Many pregnant women are surprised by their emotions and ask the question “how can I control my anger during pregnancy?”

Stress and anxiety cause anger during pregnancy

Increased pregnancy hormones, creating emotional havoc. American Pregnancy state that the hormonal upheaval can affect neuro transmitters to the brain responsible for chemicals that regulate our moods.

Feelings of stress or anxiety around our pregnancy can show up as anger. According to WebMD, stress and anxiety could be triggered from morning sickness and tiredness, amongst others (imagine being in a crowded place with people jostling and nudging you and your pregnant belly)

Why do women suffer from anger during pregnancy?

  • Hormone changes increase week by week during early pregnancy
  • Physical discomforts of pregnancy can make women feel irritated and angry
  • Feeling unhappy with weight gain could cause anger
  • Morning sickness and lacking in energy could lead to angry outbursts too

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Can getting angry affect my unborn baby?

Pregnancy Rage

According to an article on PubMed on Fetal Stress it is possible that prenatal anger and stress could affect the health of your unborn child. A study showed that the unborn children of angry mothers were more active and baby growth was at a slower rate. After birth, these babies showed more disrupted sleep patterns.

During my Womb Healing Sessions, it is incredible how much we remember from our time in our mother’s womb.  Almost every single healing reveals trauma in adult lives which started from their experience in the womb.

Definitely speak to an expert if you feel you are not managing anger well. Mood swings during pregnancy can be hard to deal with, especially if you keep it to yourself. Not talking about it could lead to more depression and anxiety.

Tips to Deal with Anger During Pregnancy

Why Do Women Suffer From Anger During Pregnancy?

  • Ensure you are taking the recommended pregnancy vitamins and nutrients – check with your prenatal care doctor to be sure.
  • Relaxation meditations, there are plenty of meditations online for pregnant women to relax and connect with your baby.
  • If you feel angry, calm down and concentrate on deep breathing exercises to help you control your anger.
  • Attend pregnancy yoga classes to treat yourself and baby to some quality “me time”, whilst learning deep breathing techniques.
  • Use essential oils for relaxation. Get your free video series and eBooklets with Oh My Mama Body Midwife Marianne here: Essential Oils Video Series
  • Keep a journal for managing anger. Recognise situations that cause anger or trigger mood swings. Write down the triggers so you can consciously avoid them in the future to help you control your anger. For example – crowded shopping mall today made me feel angry – note to self…avoid in future or step away and practice deep breathing techniques. Triggers may change from pregnancy week to pregnancy week. Mood swings in your third trimester can be completely different to mood swings in pregnancy week 5.
  • Make sure you make enough time for yourself to relax and unwind.
    Unfortunately that’s easier said than done…especially if you already have children. Be sure to ask for help and support from others if you feel you need it.
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Be careful and get medical advice if you are feeling out of control. Mental health and prenatal mood swings could lead to depression or anxiety in some women, speak out and ask for help.

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