Thirst Pregnancy

Feeling Constantly Thirsty During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy makes you feel thirsty and you may have the sensation of having a dry mouth and throat. Even though you may just have drunk a sip of water, your mouth and throat may still feel dry.

It’s a fine balancing act of drinking enough and not having to pee every 15 minutes! Your bladder is much smaller and sensitive, yet you have such a dry mouth and need to drink.

The sensation of having a dry mouth and throat is medically termed as Xerostomia. This medical condition can also lead to problems with oral hygiene – see Gums.


Why Are You Feeling So Thirsty During Pregnancy?

  • Xerostomia is when the body does not produce enough saliva. It is caused by increased blood volume and hormonal changes. Oral hygiene could be impacted; due to a reduced amount of saliva, the bacteria in the mouth is not removed as effectively, leading to build up of plaque or even problems with inflamed gums.
  • Due to the increase in blood volume during pregnancy (up to 40-50%), the body needs more fluids to flush out the extra waste produced by the extra blood. Which means a pregnant woman needs to increase her fluid intake.
  • Suck sweets or mints to keep your mouth moist – aim to buy sugar free and make sure that you brush your teeth at least twice daily.
  • Drink little and often – perhaps you could prepare a can of tee or a Thermos flask to keep yourself regularly topped up with flavoured hot water – like ginger, lemon or mint.
  • Invest in a humidifier for your house – this will also be a huge benefit for your skin health. You will need to look after your skin well, stop it from drying out in order to help to prevent stretch marks.
  • Oh My Mama Body Midwife Marianne can be contacted for a free call to get advice about skin health and using humidifiers. Follow this link to organise your call with her. 

Always consult your doctor if you are experiencing dry mouth symptoms as it could be a sign of diabetes.