Going For a Pee During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, going for a pee becomes a fine balancing act. How much to drink versus how often you need to go to the toilet! It is important to remain well hydrated (see Thirst).

You may feel like you need to go to the toilet to urinate every fifteen minutes sometimes – like you’ve just gone and then have to go again almost straightaway. My work colleagues would laugh at how often I would be going for a pee. But it can get downright annoying, especially if you get stuck in traffic! Urinating in a bottle could be quite tricky with a big belly.

During pregnancy, sometimes the most important thing can be to know where the nearest toilet is.

What Makes You Need to Go Pee So Much During Pregnancy

  • Due to the increase in blood volume during pregnancy (up to 40-50%), the body needs more fluids to flush out the extra waste. A pregnant woman needs to drink more fluids in order to support this increased blood volume.
  • During the third trimester, the weight of baby squashes the bladder more. Making less space and giving the feeling of needing to pee.

Tips For Helping You Out During Pregnancy

  • Drink less in the hours before going to bed – otherwise you will be up and down all night.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks as these increase the urge to pee (caffeine should be kept to a minimum during pregnancy).
  • Concentrate on emptying your bladder completely whilst on the toilet. Tilt your pelvis backwards and forwards to get every last drop out.