Breast Changes During Pregnancy

One of the first changes you can see and feel in pregnancy are the changes in your breasts.

Ok, let’s also look at this in a positive light first. Welcome to the new voluptuous you! Your breasts will more than likely grow over time. Every woman is different so there is no rule to how much your breasts will grow.

However, your breasts may become hard, sore, itchy, veiny, lumpy and extra sensitive. That’s why I wanted to put the positive part first!

Your partner may love your new shape and size but you may find you have to tell him to keep his hands off because they are extra sensitive. Even taking a shower can hurt your nipples.

Sensitive breasts during pregnancy

Why Are Your Breasts So Sensitive During Pregnancy?

  • Rising hormone levels and the increase of blood flow to your breasts (blood volume increases up to 50% in pregnancy!)
  • The production of Colostrum means that changes begin early into your pregnancy
  • Your breasts may grow fast which will make them feel sore and itchy
  • Stretched skin due to fast growth feels itchy
  • With so much blood rushing to the area and milk production starting, there is a lot happening in this area – making everything feel over sensitive
  • Milk production and/or the increase in hormones in your body could make your breasts feel hard and lumpy

Colostrum (Pre-Milk)

Your breasts already start producing the pre-milk, known as colostrum as early as 12-18 weeks into your pregnancy. If you squeeze your nipples you may be able to produce a yellowy, thick liquid. Like a liquid gold for your baby at birth! It is quite exciting when you first see it as it is a big sign of your imminent role of being a mother to your growing baby. Full of important nutrients and vitamins, before your main milk supply kicks in.

Recommendations for Breast Care During Pregnancy

  • Boob support – get some good and comfortable bras that will grow with you. Your breasts are going to grow and change so you need to get support bras that grow and change with you. Give them the support they need in order to keep them in good shape.
  • Oils and creams to keep stretch marks at bay. Make rubbing oil into your skin a daily or twice daily ritual. The skin around your breasts will get stretched when they grow quickly. Look after your skin by keeping it well oiled or moisturised.
  • If you are concerned about hard areas or lumps in your breasts, consult your doctor and get your breasts checked professionally
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