Is Your Baby Hiccuping in Your Belly?

As your belly grows, you will also start to notice when your baby has hiccups.

  • Your belly will begin to pulsate or jump up and down regularly.
  • This is a completely different feeling to the normal movements baby makes when she stretches herself or moves around.
  • Hiccups are a sign of your baby developing itself and practicing breathing movement.

Baby hiccups normally happen just like for us – they can last for five or ten minutes before they disappear.

Baby hiccups pregnant

Important Tracking of Baby Hiccups and Fetal Movement

If hiccups are occurring often over a number of days, consult your doctor to be check in case it is a sign of something more serious. In some cases, there may be pressure on the umbilical cord causing reduced supplies to be reaching baby.

Baby’s hiccups should not be mistaken for normal fetal movement. Make sure you are frequently aware of how much baby is moving inside of you. There should be regular healthy movements such as kicking and stretching.

If you do not feel your baby has been moving for a longer period of time, it is important to contact your doctor immediately in order to check the wellbeing of your baby.