Numbness in Pregnancy

Are you Experiencing Numb Hands in Pregnancy? Or Numbness in Other Areas?

Are strange numb sensations causing you to worry and overthink?

It’s actually quite normal for numb sensations can come and go during pregnancy…once you read up about it! 

It is common for pregnant women to experience numb sensations in areas such as numb hands, numb feet, numb buttocks or even a numb tongue.


Numb Hands and Fingers During Pregnancy

Numb hands and fingers during pregnancy are a common pregnancy complaint. You may feel numb sensations in your hands and fingers more intensely during the later stages of pregnancy.

Numb hands are more noticeable if you are sitting in an office job where you are using a computer and a mouse.

Numb Buttocks, Legs and Feet During Pregnancy

Is you butt feeling numb or sometimes painful? Especially after sitting down for longer periods of time?

Are your legs and feet sometimes tingly or numb? It could be like you have lost the normal sensations you have in your feet, it feels half numb when you put your weight on your feet.

Support Your Body Optimally

Supporting your posture with a pregnancy support maternity belt helps to redistribute weight so that you avoid putting unnecessary pressure on nerves (the likely source of your numbness).

Any Chiropractor will tell you that pregnant women often change their posture as their belly grows, which exerts pressure on the spinal cord and could result in trapped nerves. Trapped nerves and undue pressure on the spine are often the underlying cause of numb feelings in pregnancy.

Invest in a maternity support belt – the one in the picture is a recommended brand as it grows and adapts with you throughout your pregnancy, helping you to maintain correct posture and reduce problems such as numb tingly sensations in your body during pregnancy.

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What Causes Numb Sensations During Pregnancy?

  • Numbness or tingling in the hands is caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).
  • The median nerve, passing through the wrist, may get pressure put upon it due to water retention.
  • Changes to your weight, shape and posture, may cause spinal compression which in turn may trap a nerve or two.
  • The relaxin hormone relaxes muscles and ligaments in your body during pregnancy, making bones and joints shift slightly, which could lead to nerves getting pressure put upon them or getting trapped.
  • The sciatic nerve in particular may cause you to feel like you have numb legs, feet and bottom when it gets trapped. It can also be painful.
  • Sitting for longer periods of time can make your bottom feel numb and you may have to shift your weight from side to side to relieve the numbness.
  • The muscles in your butt sometimes get over tight which leads to the sciatic nerve getting trapped between the muscles, causing pain and numbness down your legs and feet.

Numb Tongue During Pregnancy

In some cases, women may experience a numb sensation on the tongue due to an allergic reaction. During pregnancy we could develop new allergies to some foods. Some particular foods could leave your tongue feeling numb. If this happens to you, have a think about what you last ate, then try one thing at a time to see if it happens again. 

Can Pregnancy Cause a Numb Face

I experienced numb feelings on my face and in my mouth during the first trimester. It happened to me during each pregnancy over 7 weeks. I would worry that I was experiencing some form of stroke but then it went away a couple of weeks later. It felt like my mouth was drooling a little and that I couldn’t speak properly. I also felt like one side of my face was numb. It made me really paranoid about it but never told anyone what was happening. I was scared, until the feelings dissipated and were (almost) forgotten about.

Why Some Pregnant Women Experience a Numb Face

I experienced a numb face again during my 7th pregnancy, whilst I was putting together this A-Z. I finally decided to do some research on it: Bell’s Palsy in pregnancy.

  • Bell’s Palsy occurs when the inner-ear gets inflamed.
  • Resultantly, pressure is put upon the 7th facial cranial nerve (facial nerve).
  • This leads to numbness or paralysis on one side of the face, mouth and tongue.
  • According to there are only suggested reasons for Bell’s Palsy in pregnancy; from increased estrogen and progesterone hormones through to water retention or high blood pressure.
  • Keep your magnesium levels topped up according to the recommended daily dosage for pregnant women.
  • Move around frequently to keep muscles and joints active.
  • Stretch frequently; stretching out the areas gently, where nerves could be trapped, helps to ease the numbness and unblock the nerves.
  • Get an appointment with a Chiropractor to get your bones readjusted. A Chiropractor is great at freeing any trapped nerves.

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This page has been created as guidance. Always consult your doctor for a professional medical opinion if you experience any numbness.

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