Womb Healing for Miscarriage

Do you feel like you have lost so much self-confidence after the unfairness of your miscarriage? Does it seem like you are half the woman you were before? Do you feel like others don’t understand so it’s easier to keep your pain and sadness to yourself?
Surveys show that 80% of women who miscarry feel like they have lost their confidence and that they prefer to isolate themselves to avoid being emotionally affected by trigger situations.
The grief of miscarriage often takes a toll on your relationship, friendships and career; making you feel lost, empty and alone. This is where I help. I guide women who are struggling with negative emotions and grief after the sadness of their miscarriage to once again find confidence and to step away from pain so that they can move forward with empowerment.

Finding the courage and strength in you to carry on after your loss

Finding courage to carry on after loss

I understand that taking the first steps towards healing require a huge amount of courage. You will find a safe space here where you can release your struggles and heal your pain. Your healing matters

Feel understood and supported

I recognise that you have been finding it hard to talk to anyone because they haven’t been through the heartbreak of miscarriage themselves. I understand what you are going through and support you to heal

Access and restore your feminine power

Energy healing techniques guide and support you to release trauma, pain and blockages, restoring your feelings of self-worth and confidence so that your true feminine power can flow once more

How It Works

Step 1: Book your healing

Learn more about womb healing for after miscarriage and how it can help you with your struggles. Visit the womb healing for miscarriage page to find out more and to book your session

Step 2: Save the date and time

Ensure you have the date and time saved in your calendar. Be sure to have a quiet and comfortable place for yourself where you can relax during our online session

Step 3: Release struggles and heal

Enjoy the feelings of restored energy and confidence after releasing trauma and pain. Feel empowered as your self love and self worth shine through once more

I love supporting you to release your struggles and find empowerment

You really matter and I am here to support and guide you to heal your struggles with grief and low self-worth because you deserve to feel confident and empowered

When I contacted Vicki, she knew exactly how I felt. She knew which words to use. She knew what I had to do to let go and how to really heal. We went on my healing journey. I was still afraid of the next time I had to see babies and pregnant women because I didn't know just yet how well I was doing, but it worked. I was happy, I smiled and I healed from deep inside! Now I can say "Hello" to new goals and new projects!
Berlin, Germany
I had three miscarriages in total. It was devastating, I was so sad and depressed. I cried each time we got the happy news that our friends were pregnant and I was just not happy for them. It was just not fair. Each person I talked to wanted to help, but they only made it worse. They didn't know what I was going through. I liked the sound of Vicki, she had been through miscarriage herself and felt so much easier to talk to than anyone else I had tried. She really understood me and for the first time I tried deep healing. I experienced such profound shifts and was able to feel like my old self again. I got my confidence back and learnt some great techniques which still give me strength every day.
Florida, USA
I met Vicki for two healing sessions and it was amazing. For a long time I have not been able to let my negative feelings go (I had 3 miscarriages in the last year). It was like a vicious circle. I encourage you to get in contact with Vicki. She can help you cope with those feelings that make your life so hard
Mannheim, Germany

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