Healing After Miscarriage

Most women who have miscarried feel like their self-confidence has been hit. Feeling like almost half the woman they were before. They don’t feel understood and prefer to keep their pain and sadness to themselves. This often takes a toll on their relationship and careers, making them feel lost and empty. This is where I help. I guide women with healing techniques so that they process their grief and find their self-confidence again.

I can help you to heal your pain

You are enough


Yes. You are enough. You have done everything you could. Now it's time to heal your pain, process your grief and find meaning in this experience. By taking this course you will begin the healing process.

I've been there myself

Hey I'm Vicki

I’ve been through miscarriage five times before finally becoming a mother of two boys. After healing and processing the grief myself, I made it my mission to help other women going through this painful experience.

I will guide you through a healing process after miscarriage, to enable you to re-ignite your inner light and shine once more.