Oh My Mama Body 6Rs Retreat

The 8 Day Straight to Your Soul 6R’s Method to Release Your Struggles so that you Reclaim and Restore Your Confident Self and Step into a Positive Flow.
Are you feeling worn out and just need some time out from all of the pressure so that you can restore positivity in your life? 
Your journey to motherhood is more of a struggle than you ever imagined it would be? You feel like you are in a constant cycle of overthinking and worrying? 
You are extra sensitive and feel really triggered by things others say or post on social media? 
Phew…you really deserve some time out and the Oh My Mama Body 6R Method Retreat is just the healing tonic to support you. You need to be taking care of yourself on your pregnancy journey, it’s not just about the physical; your mind and soul also need caring for. 
Let me support you in stepping out of your cycle of struggle so that you restore your confident self and step into a positive flow.
It’s your turn for some well-deserved time out!
Stepping into a positive flow changes so much in your life for the better!
I have been using my 6R Method with my one to one clients for some time now and it makes me glow with happiness at the positive shifts they have achieved. Which is why I wanted to create something where I could share the 6R Method with everyone. 
The Oh My Mama Body 6R Method Retreat is 8 Days. One hour per day. Online. 
Yes – that means you can attend! And it’s totally affordable at just 67€. I just wanted to share the gift of positive transformation that my one to one clients are achieving. 
Visit this link to sign up. It starts with the new moon on 6th September. 
Take a step back for a moment and ask yourself how you are really feeling. If you are feeling anything like exhausted, drained, overwhelmed, overloaded, then it is really your time for a lovely break and a little retreat. 
💗 An Online Retreat 💗
That’s the great thing; you can join from wherever you are (as long as you have a good internet connection). 
💗 Why over 8 days?  Perfect! The continuity of the number 8. The retreat to bring you into your new state of being by stepping into a positive cycle and releasing the old.
💗 Don’t worry! It’s one hour per day. All recorded in case you miss one and need to catch it later (all recordings available in a private members only area)
💗 6R’s Method – my unique method, proven from so many of the results seen by my one-to-one clients. I am sharing the method with you and making it very affordable at 67€
I am honestly so excited to be sharing this with you! After experiencing so many positive transformations with my 1-2-1 clients, I really wanted to create something for everyone. 
“I have such good news! It all started with Vicki’s therapy a month ago. I feel so happy and complete. Aaanndd, I got a promotion at work as well. I really did step into a new flow, I am so happy!” Julie xxx
💗 Release Your Struggles Like You Never Have Before
💗 Reclaim Your Energy and Step Into Confidence
💗 Resolve Repetitive Patterns and Step Into a Positive Patterning
💗 Restore Your Confident Self and Feel Empowered
💗 Revive Your Self Love Mindset
💗 Relax Into Believing In Your Vision
“Vicki really understood me and for the first time I tried deep healing. I experienced such profound shifts and was able to feel like my old self again. I got my confidence back and learnt some great techniques which still give me strength every day”
Claudia xxx 
I just love my clients and love seeing them create the life they were meant for. It just makes me glow with happiness for them. I could share many pages of amazing and inspiring stories from my clients. But, in short, this method works. 
If you are feeling stuck in a repetitive cycle of struggling with overwhelm and worry, make the decision to spend some time out at my retreat to release and transition into a new positive flow. 
You deserve it. So treat yourself to this wonderful retreat. It’s totally affordable at 67€. I start in tune with the new moon cycle on the 6th September. 


I really look forward to seeing you there. Love Vicki 

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Vicki Renz

I am so passionate about guiding women who are struggling to conceive or facing blockages in their womb, to profoundly transform into their most fertile self using my proven Womb Healing technique

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