Healing Wholeness Week – for after miscarriage

Healing Wholeness Week for after miscarriage

Healing Wholeness Week

This is going to be such a lovely week. Starting 3rd March. Come and join in for a week of healing techniques, all completely free from me to you…to really support you on your healing journey to feeling wholeness again after miscarriage.

Plus there will be some wonderful giveaways for those taking part. So let a friend know about it if you think they would benefit from some healing techniques.

To take part you need to be in my Facebook group (Healing After Miscarriage Group) as I will be posting live every single day with great healing support and techniques which helped me to grow after my miscarriages.  I am looking forward to being part of your healing journey and to helping you build up inner-strength and wholeness.

Healing After Miscarriage

Many women search for healing therapy after miscarriage but just cannot seem to find something to help them.

As a recurrent miscarriage survivor, I learnt healing techniques to help myself grow and feel whole again. It was a miscarriage therapy for myself; attaining healing certifications in many amazing techniques,

Now, I use the healing techniques I learnt to guide and support other women on their healing journey after miscarriage. I talk about healing as a journey because it is a transformation. Miscarriage really takes the confidence out of us and can leave women feeling like half their previous self.

I take women through their emotions and feelings, processing them and releasing them using deep healing techniques. Each journey is individual and I work intuitively with you to meet you where you are currently at and help you to find strength in areas you need it the most.

Find Out More About Healing After Miscarriage

Join the Healing Wholeness Week in my Facebook group to learn more about the techniques I use.

Visit https://ohmymamabody.com/healing-after-miscarriage to find out more about my self-paced course and individual healing sessions.

Or contact me directly to have a chat via the form on my Contact page.

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