When Can I Get Pregnant Again After Miscarriage?

Are you wondering when can I get pregnant again after miscarriage? Honestly, you should really feel ready in your body, mind and soul. Getting pregnant again is not a quick fix to filling the emptiness inside. It also won’t “get your baby back”. 

I really understand how you are feeling as I felt like I just wanted to get pregnant again fast after my miscarriages. Yet, I also needed time to grieve and heal. Your body may well be ready and you may ovulate easily a couple of weeks after your miscarriage. But, are you ready on all levels? 

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Was Your Miscarriage Natural or Did You Have a D&C?

If you had a D&C surgery, doctors advise to refrain from having sex in the two weeks following your surgery. Why? After a D&C operation, your cervix is still open and your womb lining may be quite raw. Your cervix needs time to close and your womb lining to heal and grow once more. Please listen to what your doctors advise you at this time because you need to be keeping your womb nice and healthy.

If you had a natural miscarriage, you may need to wait until heavy bleeding has subsided. Bleeding after miscarriage varies from woman to woman; some women experience bleeding for many weeks whereas for others it may only be one to two weeks. 

Is It Possible to Conceive Straight After Miscarriage

Yes, it is possible to conceive straight after miscarriage. The pregnancy hormones in your body will decline and your body should naturally start ovulating again (as long as your hormones are in balance). As long as you ovulate, you are able to conceive again. The lining of your womb will thicken again after your miscarriage, in preparation for ovulation. You are able to support your body with your diet and by taking supplements which help your natural menstrual cycle. I have included this detailed information in my free tips guide for Trying to Conceive After Miscarriage.  

Make a Holistic Decision Around When to Try Again After Miscarriage

I really understand what it feels like to want to try to get pregnant again straightaway after miscarrying. Take into account your mind and soul. You may feel ready physically, but are you truly ready in your heart? Have you taken time to grieve.

It can feel like the easiest thing to do; get pregnant again fast and fill that empty space and sadness of losing your baby. However, on a holistic level, it is so important to allow yourself time to grieve and heal. Your angel baby is part of your life now. Your angel baby needs to be acknowledged, grieved for and remembered. Trying to quickly fill the space may cause you to carry your grief at a deeper level, subconsciously. It could start affecting parts of your life without you being aware of it. 

Getting pregnant after miscarriage

It is my experience with my healing clients, that we hold a lot of unresolved trauma deep within. Holding onto this sad energy starts to cause blockages in our lives. Patterns may repeat again and again. They may feel like part of them is missing, tired, demotivated, bored, angry, anxious. So many different symptoms caused by deep subconscious blockages. This is why it is important for you to really feel ready at all levels before getting pregnant again. Book a one-to-one healing session with me to uncover your deep blockages so that you can release and resolve them, allowing yourself to restore your natural positive flow.

Why You Should Heal Your Womb First

Your womb is your vessel of creation. Such a sacred part of your body. She also stores a lot of energy. Imagine the baby that was inside your womb, the sadness that is surrounding the loss of your dear baby. The feelings and emotions get stored in your womb, your boy holds on to this energy unless you work to heal and release it. When you create a new baby, they will grow in a place of sadness. Gosh, I have been on healing journeys with women, taking them all the way back to trauma they experienced in their mother’s womb which has affected them throughout their life until they felt the urge to heal it. This is why it is so important that you take the time to heal your womb. 

Reach out to me and book your one-to-one in depth womb healings with me. They bring such lightness and positivity on many levels in your life. You can book your sessions here

How Do I Know When I Am Ovulating After Miscarriage?

Your body gives you several natural signs when you are ovulating. Your estrogen hormone is increasing to allow your egg to grow and to release it from its follicle. At this stage, you may feel a dull ache in your lower back. At the same time, you may feel like your sexual drive has increased. I talk about five natural signs of ovulation in my YouTube video below. 

Find my Early Pregnancy Symptoms playlist on YouTube where I explain all the symptoms I experienced before a positive test. Plus ways to confirm pregnancy without a test, which no one else talks about.

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