Miscarriage Gifts and Miscarriage Keepsakes

Miscarriage Keepsakes

Miscarriage keepsakes for your lost baby are part of your healing journey.

Being able to remember your baby and to have something which keeps them close by really helps. Your baby was part of you. You felt them. Your body started changing as they grew. A connection was created. A connection that will be there forever.

That’s why it is good to have a keepsake to remember your baby with. 

Miscarriage Keepsake

What are the Best Ideas for Miscarriage Keepsakes?

Have a think about what will help you. Jewellery, a book, a journal, an ornament, a picture, a framed scan, a light catcher or perhaps even planting a tree or creating a dedicated area in your garden. 

For later miscarriages, you may be given a choice of a memorial area with a grave, or to be given ashes for which you need an urn. It is also possible to have decorations made with your baby’s ashes put into them. 

I Would Like to Choose a Miscarriage Gift for Someone

Showing you care is deeply appreciated. Choose your gift carefully. A book about miscarriage, a light catcher or something like a crystal angel, show that you care and are not intrusive. A gift is worth more than a thousand words when it is hard to find words of solace. 

Memorial Glass Keepsakes and Urns

Miscarriage Keepsake Heart
Light Catcher

These handmade glass keepsakes and urns are really special and individualised. 

It is possible to have glass ornaments made with your baby’s ashes embedded into the glass. A beautiful way to remember your baby and always have them present with you. 

I really love these light catchers and ornaments, such a lovely miscarriage keepsake to have for the house or garden, or both.

Visit my friend Sarah at the Love and Light website to find out more, please let her know that Vicki at Healing After Miscarriage sent you.

Miscarriage Keepsake Urn
Glass Ornamental Urn
Light Catcher
Garden Memorial
Jewellery with Ashes

Sarah at Love and Light has so many beautiful, handmade glass products, visit her website to view more ideas and to speak with her. Many women like to have a special Christmas ornament to hang on their tree each year. Sarah can help you to create your ornament, including engravings and adding ashes. Such heart touching remembrances to have in your home and made with much love and care.