Why Aren’t I Getting Pregnant

Why Aren't I Getting Pregnant?

You’ve been tracking your cycle for some months now and it is starting to really bother you that you aren’t pregnant yet. Self doubt is beginning to creep in. Each cycle comes with the same excitement and hope that this might be the one where you get pregnant. You carefully check when you are ovulating and have sex around your fertile window. Already at 2DPO you start wondering if you have conceived. It’s all you can think about during the day and at night you are even dreaming about being pregnant. You have watched my videos about Early Pregnancy Symptoms and have the feeling that things could possibly be different this month. Only for dull cramping to start, then spotting and then full on period bleeding. You feel let down and are starting to wonder if you will ever get pregnant.

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5 Step Guide to Activate Your Fertility

Trying To Conceive Is Stressful

Stress cripples our chances of conceiving – this is very well documented.

When we try to conceive and we become more stressed, we find ourselves in a vicious cycle. As each month goes by, the pressure and strain of wanting to be pregnant gains and weighs down on you. Let me explain how stress affects your fertility… stress triggers the hormone called Cortisol to be released in the body. Cortisol has been scientifically proven to disrupt our reproductive system. It can lower progesterone levels and use progesterone to create even more cortisol. 

Emotional imprints from past trauma such as miscarriage, abortion, abuse, rape, abandonment, neglect or disconnected sex can also affect the uterus and shut down a woman’s body and heart. Current everyday stress adds to this – when our brain is stressed, more cortisol is produced, this affects the clarity of messages being sent to and from the brain and could interfere with hormone levels and triggers for our reproductive system..to the point where our tubes physically block themselves! The womb physically shuts itself down!

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How to Release Stress and Activate Your Fertility

You know that you shouldn’t be stressed because it’s one of the biggest blocks when it comes to conception. But how do you move past that when this is the biggest and most important thing you’ll ever do in your life? You owe it to yourself to take action to release stress from your life and clear your pathway to conceiving naturally.

Subconsciously we carry a lot of stress due to unresolved past trauma and pain, as well as everyday strains. Stress could be blocking you from conceiving which is why releasing it helps you to activate your fertility. When you release, the stress that stops you conceiving is gone, meaning your pathway is clearer and you’re in the best position to conceive naturally without having to explore medical treatment before it’s absolutely necessary.

We owe it to ourselves to try even if it’s novel, bit unconventional, and intimidating, so try approach this with an open mind.

Activate Your Fertility With Womb Healing

Womb Healing is an energy healing technique which goes deep into stress and trauma that is stored inside of you. Imagine that your womb is a warehouse and each feeling and emotion you have had during your life is stored on a shelf somewhere. Taking up more and more space over time.

I’ve created a 5 Step Self Womb Healing Guide plus a supportive video, to help you find and release the stress that you’re feeling during this important time in your life.

In this guide I personally take you through the 5 steps to heal your womb which have helped so many women to relieve the stress that’s ruining their TTC journey and activated their fertility.


By the end of practicing your first self womb healing, you will feel the clearing taking place and be filled with confidence with the knowing that your fertility is being activated.

Get Your Free 5 Step Fertility Activation Guide

5 Step Guide to Activate Your Fertility

Self Womb Healing