What is womb healing

Fertility struggles or painful blockages in your womb like ovarian cysts have no doubt brought you to considering holistic healing. Hence your search “what is womb healing”. 

My personal fertility journey of recurrent miscarriages and unexplained infertility was transformed once I started using womb healing techniques on myself. Learning to connect with your womb is life changing on so many levels. I just know you are going to love it and your feminine energy will be so vibrant!

Your Womb is Similar to Your Heart

I love to call our womb our second heart. Place your hands over your heart for a moment, close your eyes and breathe in. What do you feel? Warmth? Tingling? Emotions? We are used to being connected with our heart. 

Now place a hand over your womb, close your eyes and breathe in. Do you feel sensations? 

There may not be much coming through when you first start your womb healing journey. It does take practice as you become more confident with feeling your energies in your womb space.

To answer your question “what is womb healing?”:

womb healing pregnancy

It is understanding that your womb space (in fact your whole body) is made of energy which vibrates. Emotions, positive and negative, create a vibration within our body, deep within our cells, known as “cellular memory”. 

As women, we especially hold energy within our womb because she is our feminine core. We can hold on to energies, which over time can build up and turn into blockages in our reproductive system, our mind and soul. Heavier energies may show up physically as menstrual pain, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, infertility, pcos…the list goes on. 

Your womb is crying out for you to take notice of her. Learning techniques to connecting within your womb help you to release heavy energies by guiding you to connect with the vibration of your cellular memory. Perhaps that just sounded complicated but it isn’t when you are guided well to connect with your womb.

How to do Womb Healing?

Whether you are looking into creating a loving womb space for pregnancy or to release physical blockages or symptoms, you can use the same technique. 

I invite you to start with my free 5 Steps Guide for connecting to your womb

Spend time getting to know your womb, feeling into your energies and having a conversation. My Five Steps technique guide you to step into your womb and use all of your senses to discover and understand the emotions that you are holding onto within your feminine energy. 

Womb Healing Videos YouTube

Practice a womb meditation by listening to one of my guided womb connection videos on YouTube:

Womb Healing Near Me?

Looking to find out more about and interested in a womb healing session? I offer healing sessions online via video call. As this is energetic work, it is 100% effective online. 

In fact, it brings much comfort for you to be in your favourite space at home and enables you to connect at a deeper level. 

Perhaps you prefer a womb healing online course? I have created guided content for you to follow in your own time, with practical techniques to fit into your busy schedule as well as transformational meditations. Follow here to learn more about my online course.

Benefits of Healing the Womb

There are so many! Once you get started you will connect with your feminine energy, feel lighter, energised, confidence grows, self love glows as well as releasing your struggles and getting back your quality of life.

Connecting with your womb truly is beautiful so I encourage you to start your womb healing journey today.