The Energy Behind PCOS and Ovarian Cysts

Have you been struggling with your PCOS and Ovarian Cysts? If you have, you might have been feeling them blocking your womb. Due to these blockages, you might even have experienced them knocking your self-confidence down. Your fertility also might not be flowing the way you want, and expect it to flow. This is all because your PCOS and Ovarian Cysts are really blocking you from feeling amazingly confident, and good about yourself, therefore holding you back from believing in your fertility and trusting your womb.

PCOS & Ovarian Cysts and Energy Blockages in Your Womb


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, also known as PCOS is an endocrine and metabolic disorder in women that is also the leading cause of Ovarian Cysts. This syndrome causes an imbalance in hormones and affects the menstrual cycle. Data shows that PCOS affects 1 in every 10 women of childbearing age.

We all know about the medical side and the reasoning behind PCOS and Ovarian Cysts. But did you know about the energetic side? Just like our physical bodies, we also have energetic bodies. PCOS and Ovarian Cysts are just physical symptoms of the energy blockages in our womb. And yes, you guessed it! Once the energy blockages are released the physical symptoms just disappear.


Your Womb and Your Womb Space

womb healing - the power of your womb

Your womb is your second heart and your energy center. Whatever the heart finds too heavy or hard to process it stores in your womb to deal with later. Therefore, your womb holds on to so much of your past memories, traumas, and emotions.

Just imagine how much you can feel in your heart, and think about just how easy it is to get in touch with the feelings in your heart and release it. But when the same energy gets stored in our wombs, most of us don’t have a connection with our wombs the same way we have with our hearts. It’s only when we experience physical symptoms like PCOS or Ovarian Cysts that we start to feel the energy blockages in our womb. 


Womb Healing & The Energy Behind Your PCOS and Ovarian Cysts

womb healing in practice - practice womb healing

Did you know that even when resting, the human body has enough energy to light up a light bulb? Although we can’t see it, we’ve got this energy flowing in our bodies. This is exactly the same as the energy that we hold within our womb space. You can’t see it but you can feel it and it’s definitely there.

Once you understand the energy behind your PCOS and Ovarian Cysts, this is when it all changes for you. That is why I really can’t stress enough; how important it truly is to understand how the energy works in your body.

Then you can go within and discover what’s lying behind your PCOS and Ovarian Cysts so that you can release them. Once you understand the energies behind your PCOS and Ovarian Cysts and start releasing the blockages, you will start flowing fully and optimally like you truly deserve to. And once you are in your full feminine flow again, you will also get your confidence back along with mental clarity on your direction and purpose in life.

This ancient energy-healing technique of going within, discovering your blockages, understanding them, and releasing them while healing your womb space is known as Womb Healing.


Get Started With My Free Guide

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Heal your PCOS and Ovarian Cysts and rejuvenate your fertile feminine flow. Get started with my Free 5-Steps to Womb Healing Technique to uproot and release all the blockages in your womb that are holding you back from flowing naturally. 

How Does Womb Healing Work?

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So, how exactly does Womb Healing work? Well, to be honest, it is really simple. Womb Healing works in 5 simple steps which are clear and very easy to follow on your own. When put into practice womb healing will help you release your blockages and rejuvenate your fertility flow.

To initiate your healing, we start with womb connection where I guide you to connect and communicate with your womb. Then, you go on to discover your blockages and the energy around your blockages. After that, you will go deep into the blockages and understand what is causing that energy to be there. It could be many different things from built-up trauma, childhood experiences, and mother-daughter relationships to stress and things passed down from our ancestors. And once you understand the energies in your womb, you can go on to release them and heal them.

When you start to release these blockages and heal your womb space, you will start flowing again, feeling rejuvenated, confident, and alive. This is because you have just removed the energetic block stagnating your flow. Just imagine the electricity in your body, if the flow of the electricity is stopped then that light bulb cannot light up. But when that blockage or stoppage is removed and the circuit is set up again that light bulb will glow brightly once again. 


Results of Womb Healing

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Not only does Womb Healing help you heal PCOS and Ovarian Cysts, but when practiced regularly it will heal your overall mental, physical and emotional health. It will rejuvenate your fertile feminine flow and help you reconnect with your fertility, motherhood, and family.  

There’s so much more to it when you practice Womb Healing and start flowing again. When we’ve released those energy blockages, we start glowing, feeling confident with mental clarity and a clear sense of purpose. This happens because our womb is our feminine center.

When we release those blockages in our wombs, we’re letting go of all the negative energies that have been holding us back subconsciously. You might not even be aware of those blockages in your womb until you connect with your womb space and start noticing them.

And once you release them, you will realize that you have only been living at like half your potential all this time. But once your energy starts flowing optimally without any blockages, you will realize your full potential. When your fertility starts flowing, it will reflect on your creativity and boost your self-esteem.

The most important thing is that your PCOS and Ovarian Cysts will gradually start to heal themselves and your fertility will be flowing like never before. You will start to wake up every single day feeling energized and really good about yourself. If you are ready to understand the energies behind your PCOS and Ovarian Cysts and initiate the healing of your womb, my Womb Vitality Course is just perfect for you.