Fertility is More Than Medication

Try to Conceive Optimally with a Holistic Approach

Trying to conceive often turns into a hard and stressful journey. When getting pregnant takes longer than expected, many women start questioning themselves and their bodies. The first place to turn to is medical advice. Yes, of course medical advice is important. You need to get blood work done and physical examinations to check for any hormonal issues, blood abnormalities and to make sure your womb and ovaries are functioning. So many women find themselves turning to a routine of medications and cycle counting to help them to get pregnant. But…there is more to the picture than just the medical side. Consider getting yourself into an optimal position to conceive outside of traditional practices.

What is Meant with a Holistic Approach?

Imagine your fertility as a jigsaw puzzle. There are four pieces to the puzzle, which when fitted together get you into an optimal position for conceiving. More often than not, two or three important pieces are missed from the puzzle. In order to achieve an holistic approach, you need to have all four pieces joined together. 

Taking an holistic approach to getting pregnant requires natural balance in your life on all levels. Feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, tired, worried and perhaps emotionally negative can all really affect your energy levels and create blockages that aren’t what you want when you are trying to get pregnant.

Trying to conceive naturally

Are You in Touch With Your Womb?

Our dear womb, our vessel and creator of life often gets forgotten about whilst we are so busy thinking about trying to conceive a baby. Think about all that your womb goes through; examinations and perhaps you have already tried IUI or IVF. What’s more, the emotions involved with trying for a baby get stored in our womb area energetically. See my page about Womb Healing for Fertility to find out more about this. Your womb needs to be feeling good to be able to carry a baby to full term. She is one of the pieces of the puzzle. Watch my video below to find out more: 

Feeling Out of Balance Each Menstrual Cycle?

Did you know that it’s NOT normal to experience PMS symptoms? It comes as such a surprise because us women have learnt that it is normal to suffer with cramping, moodiness and tiredness in the week leading up to menstruation and during it. Why would our bodies do that to us? In fact, it is more to do with what we put into our bodies that influences pre-menstrual symptoms.

Instead of popping a few painkillers each month before your period starts, consider looking at your diet and natural supplements. Your menstrual cycle consists of four phases and during each phase our bodies have different nutritional requirements. You can eat foods rich in the type of nutrients your body needs at each phase to help find balance. You can take natural supplements which work in tune with your cycle to create more balance. The more you support your body, the more you prepare yourself optimally for getting pregnant.

hormonal imbalance

Physical Health for Conceiving

How is your body feeling? When we are in good shape physically, our energy flows so much better around our body. Think about a car; when everything is working together well, the engine will purr and the car will run well. As soon as something isn’t working on the car, it cannot function completely properly. So in order for a car to run smoothly, it needs all of its parts to be working happily. Same goes for our bodies. 

You don’t need to be an athlete in any shape or form to have optimal physical health. Many TTC ladies turn to yoga for overall balance and calm. Yoga provides a complete workout for your whole body, whilst being gentle. Choose something that fits to you and your body. 

Looking After Your Mindset

Are you keeping your mindset in check? Do you wake up energised and filled with motivation for the day ahead? How about your emotions? Have you got them in check as well or are they consuming you and leaving you feeling stressed and frustrated?

Keeping a positive outlook is all about training your brain. It takes determined daily practice to keep a healthy mindset. If you feel your mind wandering into negativity, you need to be able to stop it in its tracks and remind yourself of the positive. This can feel like a never ending circle sometimes, but be assured that practice makes perfect and it will make a huge difference to your TTC journey. Having tools and techniques for a healthy mindset is a piece of the puzzle that often gets overlooked.

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