The Science Behind Womb Healing

Have you been struggling with your fertility? You might have been trying to get pregnant for months or even years now. You have never missed your doctor’s appointments, medical scans, tests, or checkups. You have been exercising, eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and taking good care of your body. But despite all this effort, you still can’t seem to get pregnant and can’t find any valid explanation for your infertility.

Although having children and raising a family can be one of the greatest fulfillments in a woman’s life, for some of us, it can also be our greatest struggle. After countless attempts and trying everything and anything you can and still not being pregnant can have a severe impact on your mental and physical health.

Overwhelmed by thinking about what your infertility means, and what if you never get pregnant again. Trying to cope with your infertility because your plan was to always have children and a family. It can leave you feeling alone, lost, hopeless, and scared.

You might not even feel like being around people who seem to have a family so easily. You feel like it’s so in your face and all it does is remind you of your own shortcomings. You feel so alone and no one seems to understand what you are really going through.


My TTC Journey & Womb Healing

My TTC Story

I understand how our TTC journeys can be so much of a struggle and an emotional rollercoaster ride. I understand how you feel because I have been exactly where you are.

When I was going through my TTC journey, I had three early miscarriages, plus I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts. I was so anxious and hopeless, which only made my situation worse.

Soon after I was diagnosed with the cyst, I began stressing out all the time and wanted to try again for a child. But I lost again after two months, which left me devastated.

I took all the blood tests, but then they only came negative, showing that there was nothing “wrong”. And the doctor told me I had unexplained fertility. Therefore, finally, I decided to turn to some alternative healing techniques to heal my infertility.

I started getting into the practice of Womb Healing. And it was not long before I realized I had been storing negative energy in my womb, which resulted in my fertility issues. After weeks of regular practice of womb healing techniques and constantly releasing my stress and heavy negative energies, I overcame my ovarian cysts and finally got pregnant.

After trying and failing countless times, I was labeled infertile by western medical standards. My decision to stop relying on western medicine and treatments and start practicing womb healing led to my success in my TTC journey. Now, I am a mother of two happy healthy boys.


Womb Healing

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After trying countless times and still not getting any results or explanation from western healthcare and medicine. You might have been looking on the internet for alternative healing methods to heal your womb and conceive again. You might even have come across Womb Healing several times.

So, what is Womb Healing? Womb healing is an ancient shamanic healing technique that dates 7,000 years back and yet resonates perfectly with modern science. Basically, it is an ancient science of discovering your stress and traumas that manifest as energy blockages, understanding them, and releasing them to heal your womb space. 


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Heal your PCOS and Ovarian Cysts and rejuvenate your fertile feminine flow. Get started with my Free 5-Steps to Womb Healing Technique to uproot and release all the blockages in your womb that are holding you back from flowing naturally. 

The Science Behind Womb Healing

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Womb healing focuses on the energy blockages in your womb space that are caused by holding on to years of stress, traumas, and unprocessed emotions. Womb Healing prioritizes understanding how we feel, and what emotions we have yet to deal with, releasing them, and focusing on positivity.

In recent studies, scientists have found that how we feel directly affects our DNA. Modern science has finally come to realize that the way we feel can have a significant impact on our genes and DNA. This further proves that if you hold on to stress, trauma, or negative emotions for a long period of time, it will eventually show up in your physical health.

Just like we have our physical bodies, we also have our energy bodies, which work on an intricate network of energy from our brains to various organs. Our negative emotions have so much impact on our energetic bodies. The heavy negative energy of stress or traumas disrupts our natural flow of energy in various parts of our bodies and creates blockages. Scientists have also found that most of our diseases are linked to us holding on to our stress, trauma, and negative emotions.

We women go through so many emotions on a day-to-day basis without really understanding the impact it has on our bodies and minds. Our organs hold on to energies, especially the negative ones which are really heavy.

Especially our womb, which is our second heart. It is a sacred part of our body which is a storehouse of energy. Our womb holds on to so much of our stress, past traumas, and emotions. Which go on to create energy blockages in our womb space and result in physical symptoms like PCOS, ovarian cysts, infertility, miscarriage, and so many other diseases.

It is only when we look deep within our problems and diseases, that we realize we have blockages in our womb space and our flow of energy is disconnected. So how do you reconnect your flow of energy to heal your physical symptoms? Well, this is where Womb Healing comes into practice.

Womb Healing will help you reestablish your broken fertility flow and release the blocked energy around your womb space. With womb healing, you will be able to dive deep within yourself, discover your blockages, understand the energy behind them, release them, and heal your womb stepping into a positive flow of energy. When your blockages are released and your fertile feminine flow is rejuvenated, all of your problems and diseases will start to heal naturally on their own. You will regain your lost confidence, self-esteem, and positivity and live the life you’ve always wanted.

If you are ready to understand the energies behind your PCOS, ovarian cysts, or infertility and initiate the healing of your womb, I invite you to get started with my 1:1 Womb Healing Sessions with Me. Get ready to connect deeply with the energies in your womb, and understand what is blocking you so that you can heal and release them, reviving your fertile feminine flow.