“Close to sunset, when the clouds have a golden tinge, A gentle breeze brushes my cheek, or was it your wings? The memory of you forever imprinted in me, You belong in the sky now, forever flying free.”

Vicki Renz

Miscarriage is a Big Deal – It is a Physical and Emotional Upheaval

Miscarriage is a big deal, no matter how far along you are. A baby is a baby, a mother is a mother.

Miscarriage is sad, it hurts us, it leaves a void in our lives, it makes us ask “what if?”.

A mother’s body changes as soon she becomes pregnant. As soon as an egg has been fertilized, your baby starts growing, along with the influx of pregnancy hormones.

Imagining your unborn baby

When you find out that you are pregnant, you start mentally and physically preparing for having a child in your life. You feel a connection to the small person growing inside of you and your life is about to change.

You start imagining an entire life. Boy or girl? Who will they look like? What will they be like? Where will they sleep? What will we call them? What kind of mother will I be?

You have hundreds of questions going around in your head about pregnancy like “what can’t I eat”, “when is the due date”, “can I still do sport”, “when should I visit my doctor”…an endless stream of questions around early pregnancy and the pregnancy journey.

No more heartbeat…

Then there is no more heartbeat and all of a sudden, baby is gone. The saddest words that no mother or parent is ever ready to hear.

So many women have miscarriages. The statistic is 1 in 4. Yet it widely remains a taboo subject for society. Why is miscarriage so taboo?

  • Others don’t know what to say or do.
  • The miscarrying mother blames herself and thinks it is because she did something wrong.
  • The miscarrying mother feels ashamed that her body is not strong enough to carry a baby.
How to carry on after a miscarriage

There is life after miscarriage, we keep on going, even if our baby has not kept on going. We are still alive and life is still here for living.

Miscarriage can be hard to accept and you find yourself wondering how it is possible to keep going. As a mother of five angel babies, I understand other mothers who have lost. These pages are here to help you to know that you are not alone.

Reach out for help

Reach out for help. Come and join my Facebook group “Healing After Miscarriage”. Join other mothers who understand you. We support each other and share. My group is full of resources to help you with your healing after miscarriage journey; including group talks, healing sessions, and remembering.

Miscarriage: Everything you need to know about it

Miscarriage Blogs

Feb, 22 2021
Healing Wholeness Week – for after miscarriage

Healing Wholeness Week This is going to be such a lovely week. Starting 3rd March. Come and join in for a week of healing techniques, all completely free from me to you…to really support you on your healing journey to feeling wholeness again after miscarriage. Plus there will be some wonderful giveaways for those taking […]

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Dec, 14 2020
Miscarriage and Christmas aren’t an easy mix

Why this time of year seems harder and tips for getting through   At a time of year when we should be in the party mood, remember that not everyone is. Perhaps you have just miscarried, or perhaps you miscarried some time ago. Whichever way, there are thousands of women feeling incomplete, like someone is […]

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Nov, 24 2020
Book Launch Healing After Miscarriage

I’m so happy to announce that pre-orders are open for my must-read poetry book to support mothers that go through the trauma of miscarriage   Healing After Miscarriage book of poetry is a beautiful gift of comfort and solace. To be available on 19th January 2021. It will be in high demand as this type […]

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Oct, 14 2020
Miscarriage Shouldn’t Be Taboo

Miscarriage Shouldn’t Be Taboo, Especially When You Read These Figures. 1 in 4 known pregnancies ends in miscarriage. In 2018 it was estimated that 130 millions babies were born in the world. That means that there were at least 40 million miscarriages in 2018 Over 40 million miscarriages a year UNICEF statistics state that in […]

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Sep, 30 2020
Returning to Work After a Miscarriage

Do employers need think more about supporting employees who have miscarried? Rainbow Baby Day was on 22nd August 2020   A rainbow baby is a term for a pregnancy and a child following a miscarriage. Do employers need to think more about women returning to work after a miscarriage? The time women are given to […]

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Sep, 07 2020
Pregnant with a coil miscarriage story – Oh My Mama Body

How I got pregnant whilst I had an IUD coil fitted which ended in a miscarriage Falling pregnant whilst I had an IUD coil fitted as contraception was a huge surprise for me. I wasn’t even thinking about trying for a baby at the time. Then having a miscarriage really knocked me for six.   I […]

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