Is it Normal to Have Fluctuating Pregnancy Symptoms?

Are you in early pregnancy and your symptoms seem to be coming and going; they’re fluctuating quite a lot. Some days your breasts are sore, other days they don’t seem to be…and you’re getting a bit worried about it because maybe it’s not a good sign for your pregnancy.

Keep on reading to find out what kind of symptoms you can expect in early pregnancy and why they can fluctuate from day to day.

I understand that it can be very worrying when you feel like you aren’t experiencing pregnancy symptoms or that your pregnancy symptoms are coming and going. You many be checking every possible page on the internet to find out if there is something wrong with your pregnancy.

All of this worry could be causing undue stress for yourself which you really want to avoid during pregnancy. Follow the link below to access my relaxation meditation and allow your mind to clear for ten minutes, bringing you much needed peace and calm.

Fluctuating pregnancy symptoms

Can You Feel Pregnancy Symptoms One Day and Not the Next?

You have taken a pregnancy test and got a positive result and now you are feeling like your symptoms are coming and going. There could be many logical reasons why you feel more pregnant on some days and less pregnant on other days. Medical professionals state that not every woman experiences pregnancy symptoms. In fact, early pregnancy symptoms can vary from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy. 

What are the Typical Early Pregnancy Symptoms?

Most websites will tell you about the typical early signs of pregnancy you can expect like:

  • Morning Sickness
  • Breast Tenderness
  • Heightened Sense of Smell
  • Tiredness
  • Bloating
  • Feeling Constipated
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But there are so many more early signs of pregnancy. I know because I experienced them! Take a look at my 12 Symptoms of Pregnancy blog to see if you recognise some of them in yourself. You can also read through my Pregnancy Menu on this website to find even more less talked about symptoms of pregnancy.

Why Do Pregnancy Symptoms Fluctuate?

Some days you can really feel pregnant and on other days your pregnancy symptoms can seem really mild or you can’t even feel them at all. You have started looking on the internet and perhaps finding scary reasons for missing pregnancy symptoms. My first advice is to stop searching because this isn’t going to help you and could make you feel more anxious. 

Your hormones are going through a huge change. Your body is working hard to produce a tiny human. Pregnancy hormones can go up and down in strength from day to day. There are many reasons for fluctuating pregnancy symptoms:

  • Hormones
  • The time of day
  • How active you are
  • What you eat
  • What you drink

What you eat and drink can affect your blood sugar levels and circulation. Both of which can really affect how you are feeling.

Why Aren't My Breasts Feeling Tender Any More? Should I be Worried?

Breast tenderness in pregnancy is something I often receive questions about on the Oh My Mama Body YouTube channel. Some days your breasts can feel extremely tender that you can hardly touch them. Having a shower and the spray hitting your nipples can really hurt. But then other days they feel normal and you wonder why…could something be wrong? Symptoms will come and go. As your body prepares itself for motherhood, you will have some days where feelings are stronger in some areas and less in others. The first trimester is a time of huge hormonal changes. It is natural to have symptoms come and go. 

Should I be Feeling Morning Sickness Already?

Many women worry because they having started feeling nauseous yet. Morning sickness doesn’t always kick in straightaway. Feeling nauseous in early pregnancy sometimes only starts in the 7th or 8th weeks. Some women don’t experience any nausea at all. Morning sickness can also be stronger on some days and mild on other days.

What if it is a Sign of Miscarriage?

I know the thoughts are crossing your mind, especially if you have already been reading many articles online and getting more and more worried. I have personally experienced 5 miscarriages and each time the signs were very clear: continuous spotting, not feeling where my baby had implanted itself any more, not feeling any connection with my baby, experiencing blood clots.

With my full term pregnancies, it was worrying on some days not to feel symptoms so strongly. However, when I placed my hand over my womb and breathed into the side where I felt my baby implant, I could always feel a strong connection. Try it. 

Contact me if you need support with connecting with your baby during pregnancy. I have a wonderful energy healing method to help you really feel and communicate with your baby. I would love to help you with a healing session to connect with your baby. 

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If you are really worried and feeling anxious, please do contact your doctor or midwife for a physical check up. It is the best way to get clear answers about how your pregnancy is progessing.

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