Womb Healing For Ovarian Cysts

womb healing for ovarian cysts meditation

What is Womb Healing for Ovarian Cysts? Ovarian cysts ruin the lives of hundreds of women all over the world every year. Cysts can be so painful that even simple tasks like walking seem impossible at times. 

Cysts disrupt your natural flow, which can lead to serious complications in your fertility and conception process.

For most of us, the first instinct is to take pain relievers or have surgery to alleviate our symptoms. However, western treatment methods can only go so far. Many cases of ovarian cysts recur even after successful surgery. 

This is because you have only treated the symptoms of your cysts rather than addressing the underlying cause of your cysts. The majority of our physical ailments and problems are simply manifestations of energetic imbalances and blockages.

What's The Solution?

Self Womb Healing is an ancient healing art that is ideal for addressing the root cause of ovarian cysts and healing them from the inside out. Womb healing also assists you in releasing any emotional and physical stress or blockages that may be worsening your condition.

How Does A Womb Healing Session Work?

Womb healing for ovarian cysts is a natural method of healing that can trigger an energetic shift in your womb space almost immediately. After just one full Womb Healing Session, I’ve been able to significantly reduce the size of many of my clients’ cysts. Womb healing can help you fully revitalize your womb if practiced consistently.

Connect & Align To Your Womb Space

womb healing - the power of your womb

The first and most important step is to connect to your womb space and tap into her sacred energy through a meditative process that includes deep breathing, visualization, and energy concentration.

You have nothing to fear even if you have never meditated before. With the right guidance, this process is fairly simple and can be completed quickly with just a little bit of focus and attention.

You should feel the energy flowing inside of you once you connect with your Womb Space. This inner sensation is warm and almost breezy. It feels like a glowing current that moves throughout your body, or sometimes only in your womb space.

This first step is extremely powerful because it induces natural healing, therapeutic, and revitalizing sensations within us. Many of our physical problems stem from energetic roots. 

When we have energetic blockages from past traumas and events, we feel disconnected from our womb space, and various fertility problems and issues related to the reproductive organs manifest as physical symptoms.

Communicate With Her Sacred Wisdom

lovely womb healing technique

When you make the connection with your womb, you will feel your womb space open up to you. Now, try and communicate with your womb and you’ll discover various blockages and gain a deeper understanding of them.

You may also feel heavy emotions, see a shadow, or feel something physical in the area where healing is required. You could even ask your womb questions about your health, fertility, and love life at this point and receive an intuitive response.

Your womb has its own divine wisdom and knows exactly what you require to heal. Simply set the intention and send that information to your womb, and you’ll know when you get your answer.

It’s truly amazing how much clarity you can get from your womb space simply by opening up this energetic channel and letting her guide you. You can unearth past traumas that have been buried deep within your subconscious. You may also be able to detect and comprehend the underlying cause of your cysts right away.

It feels absolutely incredible when you experience this.

Harness The White Healing Energy & Direct It Where It's Needed

womb healing for ovarian cysts - white light energy

There’s a reason why white energy has been utilized in holistic healing for centuries. It is one of the purest energy sources available to us. The powerful vibrations of the white healing energy are very effective for holistic natural healing.

Simply close your eyes and imagine white light from the cosmos entering the top of your head (or your crown chakra) and flowing through your body to your womb space to access this white healing energy.

Let this white healing light fill up your entire womb space while dissolving any shadows or negativity or blocks within your womb space. Feel it warming you up from the inside out as you intensify the healing flow of this white energy and release blockages, traumas, and heartaches that might be contributing to your cysts.

If you want to go even further, you can picture the white healing energy healing or melting away your cysts. The idea is to utilize this white light to cleanse and treat anything in your womb space that requires healing.

If you want the white energy to flow to a specific spot, you can focus on the healing light refining it into a finer beam, and let the energy do the work.


The Next Step

This is only one of the basic steps of womb healing for ovarian cysts. If you find this helpful and want more guidance and direction you can schedule a private healing session with me to ensure that you do it correctly and get the most out of your healing sessions.

I will walk you through each step in detail during these private womb healing sessions, and I’ll also incorporate techniques like color therapy, Reiki, and visualization exercises to help you receive the most appropriate kind of healing possible.

It has been my passion and mission to assist mamas all over the world in releasing blockages, discovering and connecting with their feminine flow, and transforming them into positivity. 

I’d love to connect with you on a deeper level and help you in your pregnancy and womb healing journey. If you have any personal questions or inquiries, feel free to get in touch with me.


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