Surrogacy – how to be or find a surrogate

Everyone deserves to have a family

Such meaningful words from Rachel Westbury of Nappy Endings Surrogacy Agency.
Whatever your background; fertility problems, single, gay, transsexual. When the one thing you desire most in life is to build a family of your own, Rachel is there to support.

How does surrogacy work? 

There are two paths for surrogacy; traditional surrogacy or gestational surrogacy.
With traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother donates her egg.
The sperm of the father is added via IUI.
IUI is where the sperm is injected into the uterus of the surrogate mother whilst she is ovulating, usually by a doctor at a fertility clinic.
Traditional Surrogacy
With gestational surrogacy, is where the embryo from the egg of the mother and sperm of the father (or donor eggs or sperm) are implanted into the surrogate mother using IVF techniques. The surrogate mother carries the baby for the intended parents.

How to become a surrogate?

Rachel is always open for chats around surrogacy. It is her passion in life. Rachel has been a surrogate four times in the past eleven years.
Her passion to help so many more families led her to open up her own surrogacy agency. 
Rachel is just a phone call or an email away if you would like to discuss options around becoming a surrogate.
Find her contacts details by visiting her website:

How do I find a surrogate?

Are you wondering how to find the right surrogate?
It’s important to you that your surrogate is a good match to you?
You would like to have a good relationship with your surrogate?
Nappy Endings put so much value and consideration on matching parents to be with their surrogate. 
“We have been lucky to have been matched with a surrogate through Nappy Endings and are in the early stages of pregnancy. You don’t realise how much you feel a bond for your baby even though someone else is carrying it.”
Visit the Nappy Endings website to read testimonials from parents and surrogates. Organise your free phone consultation with Rachel to get to know her and her surrogacy agency better.

Your fertility journey really matters

The care and support you receive from Nappy Endings is second to none.
Rachel understands how much of an emotional rollercoaster it is during your fertility journey.
That’s why she provides a 24/7 contact service. She knows how it is to feel nervous before the day of a scan (for both the parents and the surrogate).
Having a calming and reassuring conversation just a phonecall away whenever you need it, is what sets Nappy Endings apart.

Is Nappy Endings Surrogacy Agency for me? 

Nappy Endings have an agency in the UK and in the US. You will find a friendly, empathetic and compassionate service.
When asked about her services, Rachel said:
“Our aim is to complete families where the majority have been through a lot of heartache and devastation Offering a personal and compassionate and friendly service with our clients, we respect any specific needs and dietary requirements and religious needs are taken into account and are always met with we provide reassurance for what is and can be a very emotional journey. 
We believe this journey should be affordable and a journey anybody can go on, therefore, our purpose is to focus on individual needs.”

Find out more about Rachel in my recent interview with her:


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