Releasing Ovarian Cysts With Womb Healing

release ovarian cysts with womb healing

Whether you are trying to conceive or have recently become a mother, ovarian cysts can appear at any stage of your fertility journey. Most ovarian cysts are painless and dissolve on their own after a few weeks or months. However, there are various types of ovarian cysts. Some of these cysts can interfere with your daily life causing extreme pain and discomfort. If you have one of these uncomfortable cysts, you may be looking for the simplest and the most natural way to get rid of it. While doing so, you may have come across the concept of releasing ovarian cysts with womb healing.

Root Cause of Ovarian Cysts

root cause of ovarian cysts

Although the most common ovarian cysts are just fluid-filled sacs that resolve on their own after a few months, there is a deeper cause for their formation. The truth of the matter is that your ovarian cysts tend to appear as a result of suppressing much deeper and more intricate suffering within yourself.

Cortisol, the stress hormone, is also a major contributor to the development of your ovarian cyst. Cortisol has the power to cause hormonal imbalances in your body. Which leads to the formation of ovarian cysts and other fertility problems.

Your womb is not just a reproductive organ, it is so much more than that. Your womb can also store many traumatic emotional memories and unfavorable prior events.

These terrible dark experiences within you generate negative blockages that you may be unaware of. When these negative energetic blockages are overlooked and ignored for an extended length of time, they physically start to manifest as ovarian cysts.


Problems with Ovarian Cysts

problems with ovarian cysts

To begin with, it is vital to know that practically everyone who develops an ovarian cyst does not experience any symptoms. Most ovarian cysts can be treated simply by waiting for the growth to subside. It is only after the cyst ruptures and bursts do the symptoms of the illness actually become apparent.

When this happens, you experience pelvic pain, urinary problems, period imbalances, and bloating among many other symptoms.

As it is more likely to rupture during strenuous exercise and sexual activity, it is recommended to be a little gentler on your body. Especially, if you are aware that you have an ovarian cyst.

Womb Healing for Ovarian Cysts

womb healing in practice - practice womb healing

When you are first diagnosed with ovarian cysts, your doctor may keep you under surveillance or recommend surgery or several complicated medications. It is normal to panic in these circumstances, yet doing so simply worsens your situation. The good news is that womb healing can help you get rid of your ovarian cysts while also combating high cortisol levels and spiritual blockages.

Take a few minutes out of your day to go within, focusing on your mind and the emotions that rise to the surface when you consider how you truly feel.

Exposing these bottled-up unpleasant feelings will allow you to embrace your past and acknowledge that it is a part of you. When you embrace and comprehend your traumas, they will no longer have power over you, and you will begin to let them go.

The simple process of acknowledging and accepting these suppressed emotions will be of tremendous help in the healing of your womb space.

Practicing womb healing on a regular basis will not only lower your cortisol levels but will also clear blockages in your womb space. Expect those bothersome ovarian cysts to vanish much faster than the “few months” stated on the NHS website. Womb healing is not just for ovarian cysts; it can help with any fertility or reproductive disorders, including those you are unaware of.

The Next Step

lovely womb healing technique

However, womb healing is not as simple as it sounds. For many of us, reaching deep within and revisiting the past may be distressing and excruciatingly painful. So, talking to someone and sharing your pain in a completely neutral manner is always beneficial.

That is why I am so delighted to invite you to join me on a short 20-minute call to help you connect with your womb, to give you the confidence that you are doing it right and to release your ovarian cysts with womb healing.

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