Pain on the Left Side, is it Implantation?

What does implantation feel like

Have you noticed a sudden pain on the left or right side of your womb, and you’re wondering if it might be implantation?

Implantation pain is usually like a pinprick, a slight stabbing feeling on either the right or left side of your womb.

Well, read on while I explain more about what it feels like because I experienced it during my pregnancies as well.

Can You Feel Implantation?

Many women ask me if it it possible to feel implantation shortly after ovulation? Well yes, you can feel it happening.  It depends on when your egg was released and when you had sex. 

How Soon Can You Feel Implantation

Can you feel implantation soon after having sex? It depends where your egg has travelled to and where exactly it was; maybe it was very close and could attach itself to your womb lining fast and so that’s why you might experience implantation cramps very soon after ovulation.

Can you feel implantation

Other women experience symptoms later on.

It depends on when your egg was released and when the sperm met the egg, and when the egg travelled to the lining of the womb to embed itself. It is this embedding that causes that feeling of implantation.

Where Do You Feel Implantation?

For me, implantation was a really clear feeling. So if you think about where your ovaries are, you’ve got the womb underneath your ovaries. It should not be any higher than the lower sides of your womb. 

If you feel like it’s happening higher up your ovaries, and it’s a pain that continues kind of goes on and off, then please do check with your doctor just in case of possible ectopic pregnancy, you always need to be aware of that.

Your fertilized egg travels down in your womb and this is where you feel implantation cramps; in your lower abdominal area as your egg attached to your womb lining. If you feel like a slight digging feeling, maybe like a pinprick or sharp jabbing which lasts for 1-2 days, then it is most likely implantation. 

Implantation Spotting

Sometimes implantation is accompanied by very light spotting. Implantation spotting is light bleeding which is normally a dark brown-red rusty colour. 

If you do experience a bright red colour like normal blood, then just keep track of it because if that’s happening and it’s already later on in your cycle, it’s something that you might have to keep a check on.

Some women do experience bright red bleeding during implantation but this is less common. If this is something you are experiencing, check for other early pregnancy symptoms and keep track of them. 


Watch my video where I visually explain about the feeling and location of implantation:

Implantation Cramping

Shortly after implantation and feeling the stabbing pinprick feeling on one side, you might start to notice a bit of cramping around your womb area. Cramping in early pregnancy is your uterus getting used to and adjusted to being pregnant.

Your pregnancy hormones are starting to kick off and this could cause a slight crampy feeling. 

I know it can get worrying if you’ve realised that you’re pregnant and start to experience cramping feelings, so do keep a check on it.

Normally, implantation does happen a bit earlier before a missed period, followed by slight cramping. It is sometimes hard to tell the difference between pregnancy and PMS. I explain the subtle differences between pregnancy and pms in another blog here

I hope I’ve helped you to understand your body and what’s going on. Come and join my Facebook group for great support on your journey to motherhood.

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