Midwives Supporting Women During a Pandemic

Midwives Supporting Women During a Pandemic
The COVID pandemic has hit pregnant women and new mothers hard. Not being able to get out to support groups, feeling alone, unable to get answers to their questions. Recent statistics during the COVID19 pandemic found that 44% of pregnant women report loneliness and missing contact with friends*. Yesterday saw the launch of Mama Time, a free weekly webinar for women to ask their questions directly to a Midwife. Mama Time provides women with concise answers to highly sought after questions. Mama Time has launched to give women much needed support during difficult times. Three amazing Midwives are dedicating some of their precious spare time to answer questions online once a week.

Caring for the Wellbeing of Women

Mama Time strives for the wellbeing of pregnant women and new mums in a time of isolation due to COVID19.  Mama Time includes a networking forum for mums to chat and make friends. A recent poll carried out by Oh My Mama Body in her community showed that women spend 75% of their spare time online. Many searches taking them down a rabbit warren of related information instead of answering their questions directly. With qualified midwives and carefully selected guest speakers, Mama Time provides expert advice and direct answers to questions.

Topics and Questions

The first webinar topic was “Removing Fear from Giving Birth and How to Have a Natural Birth”. A question that requested from 75% of Oh My Mama Body followers. With many countries (such as Ireland) enforcing rules where the partner can only attend the birth for one hour, women are scared about going through birth alone.

How Can I Join the Webinar?

You can join our qualified Midwives and expert speakers every week on Wednesday at 7.30pm UK Time. Follow the link at the end of this article.

Will There be Replays?

Yes. Webinars are recorded, summarised and posted in the Mama Meets and Midwife private Facebook group. Follow here to join.

I Don’t Have Much Time

By creating a platform solely around the answers to symptoms women are experiencing, Oh My Mama Body saves precious time and improves positivity for pregnant women and new mums. Topics covered during Mama Time Webinars are all summarised with the timestamp to allow busy women to zone directly in on the information they are looking for. Oh My Mama Body cares about each and every woman, nurturing them and guiding them to feel positive and empowered in their individual journeys to motherhood. * (source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7278652/) Follow this link to join the Mama Time Webinars and Newsletter.
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