Is Being Tired and Needing to Pee an Early Sign of Pregnancy?

Is tiredness and needing to pee a sign of pregnancy

Tired and Needing to Pee More?

Are you wondering if you might be pregnant because you are feeling tired, way more than usual and also noticed that you are going to the toilet more frequently? 
Could you be pregnant? Is being tired and needing to pee an early sign of pregnancy? 
Keep on reading to find out about these early signs of pregnancy and how to work out if you could be pregnant. 

Is Frequent Urination an Early Sign of Pregnancy?

Many women find that they their bladder seems to feel full more often during early pregnancy. All of a sudden they are having to pee more often. We all hear about having to go to the toilet more often during pregnancy but that’s normally later on. So why do women need to pee more often in early pregnancy, even before a positive pregnancy test? Is it an early sign of pregnancy?
Frequent urination pregnancy

You may need to go to the toilet more often in early pregnancy due to the fact that your blood volume starts increasing. From the moment of implantation, pregnancy hormones start to increase, sending triggers to your body to prepare for pregnancy.

Your blood volume increases by up to 50% during pregnancy. Increased blood volume means increased water volume which means increased need to pee. 

You must support your increased blood volume in early pregnancy by drinking more water and taking vitamins and supplements to support blood flow (Get your free Oh My Mama Body pregnancy supplements guide here). 

Are There Any Other Ways to Find Out if You Are Pregnant Before a BFP?

Oh My Mama Body has a playlist of early pregnancy symptoms for you to watch. Find out about the many different early signs of pregnancy before a BFP. I had seven pregnancies and always knew I was pregnant, way before I missed my period. In my videos I talk you through all of these early signs of pregnancy and how to identify them in yourself. 

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Is Feeling Tired an Early Sign of Pregnancy?

Hmmm, well it could also be a sign of your period coming. Why?

If you have not conceived, your estrogen hormone dips which can cause tiredness (and all of the other PMS symptoms like irritability and soreness). So you could be feeling tired due to your hormones being out of balance.

Did you know that you can relieve all of those typical pre-menstrual symptoms naturally? By bringing your hormones into balance you can breeze through those days leading up to your period.

I Feel So Tired all the Time, am I Pregnant?

Feeling tired is a symptom of pregnancy. Your body is working very hard to create a tiny little human being. How amazing. All of that work can leave pregnant women feeling very tired. The great news is that you don’t need to feel so tired and Oh My Mama Body has a free guide on how to relieve tiredness during pregnancy. Get yours here

How to Know if I am Pregnant Before a BFP

Are you wondering if you are pregnant but it’s still too early to take a pregnancy test? I recommend buying a couple of early predictor tests from Clearblue or First Response. They are the most accurate and you can take them up to 6 days before your period is due. Get some delivered already so that you can start testing! 

Watch the Early Pregnancy Playlist Below

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