How it is Possible to get Pregnant During Your Period

can you get pregnant during your period

How is it Possible to Get Pregnant on Your Period?

If you are bleeding and you haven’t ovulated yet then how can it be possible to get pregnant on your period? Many women think that it cannot be possible to conceive during menstruation:

  • Surely if you are bleeding then sperm won’t stay inside of you? 
  • If you are menstruating then it is not possible to ovulate
  • After bleeding the womb lining will be too thin for implantation to be able to happen

Find Out Why it is Possible to Get Pregnant if you have Unprotected Sex During Your Period

Sperm Stays Alive in the Womb

Sperm can stay alive inside of you for up to four, even five days. Medical professionals vary on the length of time sperm stays alive inside the womb, some state up to 72 hours whereas others state it could be up to five or six days. So be aware that sperm will stay alive inside of you, even if you are bleeding. Sperm does stay inside of your womb, even when you are bleeding. This is why women get pregnant on their period if they ovulate shortly after.

When You Ovulate Early

Women who have a shorter menstrual cycle or who ovulate early could get pregnant during their period. 

Some women ovulate very early in their cycle, sometimes as early as days eight or nine. Women with shorter menstrual cycles are more likely to ovulate earlier than the average of days 11-15. 

If a woman ovulates on day nine, for example, and has unprotected sex on the fourth day of her period, it would be possible for her to conceive if the sperm is still alive in her womb. 

When Your Womb Lining is Thick Enough

How is it possible to conceive straight after your period?

Many women ask, how is it possible to get pregnant when you have just menstruated? Surely the womb lining (endometrial lining) would be too thin for implantation to take place?

In actual fact, a fertilised egg can attach to the womb lining when it is just a couple of millimetres thick. So implantation could happen straightaway after your period if your womb lining builds up quite quickly. 

How to Know When You Are Ovulating

If you track your period using an App, you could very well only be getting an estimated ovulation date. I highly encourage you to get familiar with the natural signs of ovulation that your body gives you. When you know your natural signs of ovulation and get more in tune with your body, it is easier to understand when your fertile window is and you can plan around it better. 

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