How Can Ovarian Cysts be Healed

Heal Ovarian Cysts Naturally

When you find out that you have ovarian cysts, it really can make you feel worried. All of a sudden you’ve got a cyst in your womb and you don’t know what to do about it. For some of you it may feel painful and your menstrual cycle is out of balance, for others it only showed up on a scan.

So Many Questions About Your Ovarian Cysts

  • Is an ovarian cyst always a bad thing?
  • What causes ovarian cysts?
  • Can they grow?What will happen then?
  • Will it go away on its own or will you have to get it removed?

So many questions going around in your head and it really feels quite stressful and draining.

worrying about ovarian cysts

But before you get yourself overly stressed and start looking into invasive medical treatment, there’s an all-natural and enjoyable practice you can do which helps you to clear your womb space and to functional optimally.

5 Step Guide to Womb Healing for Ovarian Cysts

Follow the button below to access my 5 Step Guide to Self Womb Healing, a healing practice that I use with many women to help them to release their cysts.

How Do You Discover if You Have an Ovarian Cyst?

In some cases, women will mistake the sensations they are feeling for early signs of pregnancy. Ovarian cysts could make you feel like you are pregnant because of a one-sided feeling, needing to pee often, a lighter period or late period, bloating and your lower abdomen feeling larger. 

However when taking a pregnancy test, it shows negative. If women then ask their doctor and get referred for an ultrasound, then the cysts will be discovered.

Some women experience pain during sex and very painful periods, this may also be related to fibroids or endometriosis.

What Causes Cysts, Fibroids and Other Blockages in the Womb?

It is good to look into both the medical side and the holistic side to discover the causes. Generally, the medical side puts it down to hormone imbalance. It is always important to get a medical opinion so that you have data and facts. 

But what really causes the hormone imbalance which leads to blockages forming in the womb space?

The Holistic Side to Cysts, Fibroids and Blockages in the Womb

Your reproductive system can shut itself down when you’re really stressed. It is human nature to protect itself from being able to produce a baby in an unhealthy, stressful environment. 

Whether you’re holding onto stress from past trauma or you’re currently feeling under stress, all of this can lead to the production of the stress hormone Cortisol.

Cortisol is known for putting hormones out of balance and interrupting messages between the brain and the womb.

When you learn to identify the pent up stress, old sexual and emotional trauma behind the blockages in your womb, you start to release and feel lighter. As you connect deeper with your womb and understand what you are holding on to, you discover that you can also let go.

Womb healing cysts

Just by doing this you decrease the levels of Cortisol in your body and start to create an open and connected environment inside of you. It brings relaxation, positivity, self love and you start to feel like you are truly connected with yourself.

Get Your Free Guide

Follow the button below to  receive your five step guide to Self Womb Healing. I teach you how you can release blockages in your womb space and to start feeling lighter and much more confident again.

We owe it to ourselves to try, even if the holistic side of things is novel to you, at least you will be able to release pent up stress and give yourself a positive, relaxing, self-loving experience.

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I am so passionate about guiding women who are struggling to conceive or facing blockages in their womb, to profoundly transform into their most fertile self using my proven Womb Healing technique

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