Fluttering in lower abdomen am I pregnant?

Fluttering in lower abdomen before period

Have you been feeling a fluttering in your lower abdomen and are wondering if you might be pregnant? 

Around 1 in 50 women who contact Oh My Mama Body say that they have experienced a fluttering in their uterus or lower abdomen before their period is due. 

Is the fluttering feeling a sign of pregnancy?

Can it be an early sign of pregnancy? 

Women who notice the fluttering feeling also report feeling adrenaline rushes. 

The fluttery feeling itself can be compared to butterflies in your stomach (except lower down). A very light, almost bubbly sensation. 

Women who go on to find out that they are pregnant say that the fluttering feeling happened around a week before their period was due. That’s days before any pregnancy test can tell you if you are pregnant!

Watch my video to find out how it feels:

Check out my Early Pregnancy Symptoms playlist on YouTube where I explain all the symptoms I experienced before a positive test, including ways to confirm pregnancy without a test. 

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Early signs of pregnancy before a missed period

It is hard to say if you are definitely pregnant based on the feeling in your lower abdomen alone. Only a positive pregnancy test can give you the most accurate answer. 

However, there are many other very early pregnancy symptoms. If you are experiencing several early pregnancy symptoms, then it is more likely that you are pregnant. 

I always knew I was pregnant, long before I tested positive. The changes in my body were very clear; I even felt completely different in myself. 

So many pregnancy sites talk about early pregnancy symptoms, but these are the symptoms you experience AFTER a missed period. 

There are so many symptoms that happen BEFORE a missed period. I talk about twelve very early signs of pregnancy them in another blog and video.

When should I take a pregnancy test?

It feels like such a long time to wait before your period is due. Taking a test too early won’t help you because the pregnancy hormones (hCG) levels in your urine won’t yet be strong enough for a test to show positive. 

If you know when you ovulated, then you can count the days since ovulation and listen out for any changes happening in your body. 

If you ovulate early in your cycle, then it is possible for a pregnancy test to show positive a few days before your missed period. Or you can use an early predictor test. Oh My Mama Body recommends First Response or Clear Blue which you can use as early as 6 days before a missed period. Follow the links and get them ordered now so that you have them ready when you need them. First Response link, Clear Blue link.

If you ovulated later in your cycle, you may not get a positive pregnancy test until a week or more after your missed period. 

Are you pregnant?

If you find out you are pregnant, congratulations! Now the changes in your body are really going to start to happen. Stay energised and don’t let all of your new pregnancy symptoms get you down (sickness, tiredness…) – get your FREE Oh My Mama Body Guide to Relieving Pregnancy Symptoms here.

Make sure you know all about the different changes in your body during pregnancy by visiting the Oh My Mama Body pregnancy section. it’s so much better to understand your bodily changes rather than feeling worried!

Still TTC?

If you were not pregnant this time around, get your free Oh My Mama Body Guide to conceiving naturally by following this link

Are you really in tune with when you are ovulating? I highly recommend using Miracare (see my blog) to accurately track your fertility peak. When ordering you can get a great discount by using my code OMMB136. It is the most accurate ovulation tracker I know of. Wishing you all the best. 

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