Connect Your Heart To Your Womb

connect your heart to your womb

Learning to connect your heart to your womb before embarking on your self-womb healing journey is critical. However, most of you will find it difficult to connect with your womb space and connect your heart to your womb when you first begin this journey. 

For this reason, I wanted to share some practical steps that have aided me in my womb healing journey with you. You can begin implementing these steps right away to truly dive within and connect your heart to your womb. It will assist you in locating and releasing any blockages in your womb space.

Slow Down Your Breathing

Find a quiet, comfortable spot in your room and sit straight or lay on your back. Close your eyes gently and shift your attention to your breathing. Keep an eye on your breathing and breathe into your heart. Now gradually slow your breathing as you breathe deeply into your heart and your womb space.

Feel Your Energy

When you’re relaxed and your breathing is slow and deep, place one hand over your heart and the other over your womb. Breathe into your heart and womb, focusing on the flow of energy between your heart and womb. Feel the connection and coherence between the two.

Let The Energy Flow To Your Womb

Now, feel the loving, healing energy that is present in your heart space. Take note of how this loving healing energy makes you feel. Allow that same sensation to travel into your womb. Allow the positive loving and healing energy you can feel in your heart to fill your womb space.

While you continue to breathe and allow that healing energy to flow from your heart into your womb, it may feel as if your womb is awakening and activating.

Visualize Your Womb Healing

Visualize your womb in your mind’s eye as you establish a deeper connection with it. See your womb’s shape, that wonderful triangular shape with fallopian tubes and ovaries connected at the top and your cervix at the bottom. Concentrate on this visualization, paying close attention to what she looks like and how she feels, and hold that image in your mind.

Establish A Deeper Connection

When you visualize, you may be able to connect more emotionally with your womb space and how she is feeling. Examine your womb space to see if it has only lighter areas or a few darker areas as well. Also, pay close attention to whether your womb feels light or heavy.

Heal Your Womb

Now, shift your attention back to your heart space and feel yourself breathing into it. Concentrate on the sensation of healing and loving energy. Then imagine that healing energy flowing and reaching every cell in your womb.

Take note of how your womb reacts to this energy, and how the light inside your womb begins to shine ever so brightly. Allow this sense of lightness and happiness to circulate throughout your womb. Consider how tall, confident, and cheerful you feel with your womb glowing inside of you.

This activates your flow, and you will begin to feel lighter and more focused. As you notice your womb sparkling and shining within you, you will feel more connected to your inner wisdom and who you truly are.

You exude this loving healing feminine energy now that your inner energy is so fully charged with positivity. Now slowly take your attention back to your hands resting over your heart and womb, and slowly lift them while opening your eyes.

You have just set the healing process in motion by activating this positive energy within you. As you go about your day, allow this energy to work inside of you to heal and release all the blockages in your womb space.

You can always return to these steps whenever you’re struggling to connect your heart to your womb. I’ve also made a guided meditation in which I walk you through all of these steps to assist you in your healing process.

If you want to develop your feminine intuition and understand your body more, you can join my Facebook group or you can book a call with me and I would love to help you more.


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