A Morning Ritual For Your Womb

Morning Rituals For Your Womb

Do you have a morning ritual for your womb? Do you feel motivated every day or is it a struggle? How we start our morning predicts our day ahead, truth. Our first thoughts and movements are so important. Especially for us, who are in our womb healing journey!

Each morning that dawns offers a new opportunity to take charge of the day, make it yours, and take another step towards your goals. That is why I wanted to share my morning ritual for your womb. I hope that this will bring you better womb health, increased energy, and high productivity throughout the day.

My routine brings me clarity and positivity for my day ahead. Perhaps you follow my stories on Instagram @vicki_ohmymamabody.

Honestly, without my routine, my day falls apart. And looking at my phone first thing is an absolute no-go. It can be tempting but it puts me immediately out of place.

My Morning Ritual:

Vicki Renz Womb Healing Morning Ritual

1. On waking, assembling my thoughts into gratitude.

2. I place one hand on my heart, one hand on my womb, and breathe in love.

3. I think about my intentions for my day ahead.

4. I get up, and move my body gently in a slow dance and stretches.

5.  Prepare one liter of warm water with fresh lemon juice, and drink slowly, and gradually whilst getting the children ready. This is for cleansing my liver.

6. Drink one glass of celery juice. Also, a part of the liver cleanse.

7. Return Home from taking kids to school. Prep my headphones for a high-vibe breathwork meditation.

8. Grab my journal and write about my future life vision as if it is happening now.

Sometimes I manage 7 and 8 if I get up intentionally earlier. However, this isn’t always, as I often have calls later in the evening due to time zones and I need my sleep in the morning.


The Next Step

Do You Like How You Start Your Day? Do You Need Some Extra Motivation? Well, I am so excited to invite you to join my WOMMB Tribe which is perfect for motivational techniques and womb healing practices.

  • We do live breathwork for a high vibe, motivation, and self-love – so important for supporting you to release overwhelm, anxiety and heavy thoughts
  • Weekly Journaling with love and intention – this is more than your average journaling; I guide you to connect deeply with your womb whilst you journal, so that you speak with your core feminine and release blockages from within
  • As well as my guided New Moon Womb Healing where I channel the energies and you bathe in a wonderful, cleansing energy which releases every day stress from the previous moon cycle so that you can step forwards with fresh energy

And all of this amazing support for just $39 per month.

Even if you wouldn’t call yourself a “morning person,” the early hours of the day can serve as a great opportunity for self-care, wellness, creativity, reflection, and productivity.

Your mornings greatly affect your womb healing journey so by being consistent daily, you will definitely notice a positive difference when you implement my guided techniques.

Your morning routine and what you do when you first wake up really matter. Because how you spend your morning can set you up for success for the rest of the day.

And starting your day on the right note can really amplify and speed up your womb healing process. So, you might want to stop scrolling through TikTok or Instagram or hitting snooze in the morning, and try this morning ritual for your womb right away when you wake up.

WOMMB Tribe Welcomes You

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