You’re Pregnant – Congratulations! But now what?

So Much to Organise but No Energy for it?

Congratulations! You’re pregnant. You may feel like there is so much to organise and some days you don’t have the energy for it. Early pregnancy is making you feel very tired. It can all start to feel a little overwhelming thinking about the next 9 months ahead. But it really doesn’t have to be. Let Oh My Mama Body support you with the next steps on your pregnancy journey. 

What's the first thing you need in pregnancy?

The right kind of pregnancy pillow


Because your sleeping patterns are about to be messed around with a lot. Or perhaps you’ve noticed it already? Pregnancy insomnia; strange and very real dreams, not being able to get comfortable, having trouble breathing, a blocked nose, backache, leg cramps? There are so many pregnancy symptoms that could be causing you sleepless nights. But you can definitely do something about it. 

You need to be comfortable so you can relax deeply and maintain the best posture for your wellbeing during pregnancy and your baby’s wellbeing. Which is why you deserve the world’s best pregnancy pillow…and it’s affordable.

A Good Sleep Means a Happy Mother to Be

I get that pregnancy also means a long list of things to buy, which can be quite daunting. But remember that your wellbeing is top of the list which is why your pregnancy pillow is so important; a good sleep means a happy and healthy mother to be.

It’s so great to be pregnant but at the same time there are so many feelings, emotions and symptoms to deal with. What should be the most enjoyable time of your life definitely doesn’t feel like it some days. 

That’s why you really need to have a good night’s sleep. Feeling energised physically and emotionally.

Why the Right Kind of Pregnancy Pillow is Important

Just by having the right kind of pillow, you can support your posture and avoid back pain – a common pregnancy complaint – often due to bad posture. My Chiropractor specialises in pregnant women and says it is incredible how many women complain of backache which can easily be resolved by maintaining a correct sleeping position.

Put your pregnancy pillow at the top of your list, get Oh My Mama Body’s recommendation and look forward to sleeping well. 

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Why I Recommend This Pillow:

  • Supports your back, neck, spine and belly
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Maintains the natural curvature of your spine (reducing the possibility of trapped nerves due to bad posture)
  • Flexible and can be used later as a breast feeding pillow and doubled up support for your back at the same time

Why Should You Get a Pillow First?

You may notice that your sleep pattern is getting disrupted very early on in pregnancy. Being able to relax your whole body will help you to achieve optimal rest, even if your brain is active, your body will be rested. 

Very early on in pregnancy, your body starts to stretch and change. The hormone Relaxin kicks in which makes muscles and joints loosen in preparation for birth. This is why having optimal support for your body and your posture during the night is vital. One of the main reasons behind pregnancy back pain, headaches and more is due to poor posture. Be sure you are doing the very best you can by supporting your body through the night. 

Put your pregnancy pillow at the top of your list, click this link to get Oh My Mama Body’s recommendation and look forward to sleeping well. 

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