Vicki Renz - Heal With Me

You are here because you are facing struggles with your fertility…you feel called to explore the holistic side of fertility healing as deep down you have a feeling that you can heal naturally – Welcome!

I absolutely love guiding women to connect with their wombs to discover the root cause behind their blockages and heal them naturally…so come and find out how my Academy can support your healing journey

womb flow revival academy vicki renz

Wommb Tribe

At just 39$ monthly it’s the perfect place to start your journey! I know how it feels to be struggling which is why my Tribe brings you that ongoing motivation pick up you need with weekly journaling and positivity sessions

You are invited to my New Moon Womb Healing where I guide our group in meditation to release the stresses of the previous phase and step forward with a renewed, revived energy, filling you with confidence and clarity for the next phase

Plus Wommb Tribe Members get a 20% discount on all of my Self-Paced Modules!

The great thing is that this is all available on an App and so easy to access. Follow the link below to get started and I really look forward to welcoming you into my Tribe 

Self Paced Modules

You are ready to heal but you prefer to go at your own pace in your own time?

My modules are designed to guide you through each chakra level so that you can gradually work on peeling away the layers of blockages, releasing step by step

Womb Healing Through the Chakras

Discover why our womb stores blockages at each chakra level and why it is important to go through each chakra to clear, release and heal

My modules help you to understand the significance of each chakra and why we need to treat each one individually in order to achieve optimal release and healing

Focus and dig into each chakra with my guidance, learn how to deeply connect with your womb, communicating with her so that you understand what you are holding on to which is creating blockages in your flow

Feel the release as you speak with each blockage and heal through the emotional experiences your womb has been holding on to

Enjoy the feeling of lightness, regained confidence and clarity as you understand, let go and move forward with renewed energy flow



womb flow revival academy vicki renz