Trying to Conceive with Mira

Trying to Conceive Using Mira

How to Know Exactly When you are Ovulating

Are you trying to conceive (TTC) and are wondering what is the best way to track your ovulation? 

There are so many apps out there. But how can they accurately track your monthly cycle? 

The Most Accurate App for TTC

I have been testing out the Mira App and ovulation tracking device. Now, if you follow my YouTube channel ( you will know that I am VERY in tune with my body. 

I was very curious to try out the Mira App as they claim to be able to help women with PCOS  which a very high success rate. 

Why is the Mira App so Accurate?

Miracare have created an App which connects to a device which analyses data from your ovulation sticks and sends the data to the app. 

The Miracare device analyses the LH hormone levels in your urine and can tell you the days when it measures high or low. With all of this data being stored accurately in your App for you, it builds a clear picture of ovulation peak times. 

Is the Mira App Better then Natural Symptoms

Our bodies give us natural signs of ovulation:

  1. Slight drop and then raise in temperature
  2. Feeling a dull ache in our lower back as our egg is released
  3. Egg white cervical mucus
  4. Feeling in the mood 
  5. Cervix is soft and slightly open

However, these symptoms are generally felt during the whole of our fertile time, which means we can not be entirely accurate about our exact fertile peak.


Get Your 25$ Discount when Ordering Your Mira Kit

I liked the Mira App and Ovulation Kit so much that I contacted the Mira team to ask if they could give Oh My Mama Body a special discount rate to help women who are trying to conceive. 

Go to

Place your order for a fertility kit and use my code OMMB136 to get your amazing discount. 

I really hope Mira helps you on your pregnancy journey. 

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